1st setup HELP. Cooler Master MH-751 with SMSL M3 dac/amp or FiiO products?

Can anyone help? Looking to spend less than 200 USD on budget headphones and possibly dac/amp combo or if theres an option for nice headphones without dac/amp needed.

cooler master mh751 is cheap leaving room for dac/amp but is it even needed for these 26ohm/97sensitivity?

can someone suggest a headphone that plugs straight into pc (Asus-Z97-EUSB-31 motherboard) 3.5mm without needing anything to drive them?

maybe SMSL M3 for a dac/amp is overkill for these? or a FiiO version like K1 would be better for lack of need for power?

i have hyper X cloud 2 and i started looking at the cooler masters because the mic no longer works on the hyperx

your motherboard audio isnt the best so i would recommend a Syba sonic dac/amp as it has both headphone and mic input and it will defo be better than onboard

I have the M3, while it is a good DAC, Iā€™m very careful not to blow my shit up. There is no low gain. I would be better pairing it with high impedance headphones, or you can do what I have done, and use an impedance adaptor. I typically use a 150 ohm adaptor for IEMS and 75ohm for low impedance headphones of 32 ohm to 60 ohm. If I was you though, I would consider a different DAC/Amp combo.

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