1st world gamer problem : mini-XLR & 3.5 female to 2x 3.5 male?

So the cable on my 7xx is developing a problem and I’m using it with a Modmic 4. Now I also have the Modmic 5 ready to install… with it’s 27cm / 10+ inch cable. Now it would be nice to get rid of the “2 cables mess” and replace it with a single one. On the headset side a mini-XLR & 3.5 female to the PC or amp side 2x 3.5 male. Has anyone seen such a nice (but niche) solution at amazon, aliexpress, gearbest or more obscure nooks of the interwebs?

You might get a custom cable made hart audio is good quality and might be able to help you with your issues https://hartaudiocables.com/


@brux is the guy who runs HAC, and admittadly has been pretty bogged down with more then he anticipated. He would know if he could make a cable like that. I do know that mimic-cables.com has exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s gonna cost you… Cause they start at $100. I’m about to throw together another video on Hart Audio in a couple minutes, and will link it in this thread.

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Yes Hart is miles behind on orders right now, so if you want something fulfilled quickly it’s not going to work. They build every cable to order and I know they strive for a 2 day lead time, but I have a custom cable order in with them that’s running on 3 weeks, and it still hasn’t shipped.
They have communicated the delay to me and I don’t really need the cable ASAP, but be warned until they catch up you could be looking at pretty extreme lead times.

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