2.0 or 5.1 for a baseline system?

So Ive been looking at some speakers for my Setup and ive come across two options that would be great to take but if im honest im not too sure which. Both speakers are the same brand however vary significantly. Both are very close in price this is what makes it so hard.

Option 1: I go with the 5.1 bundle of speakers. This includes 2 floorstanding, Centre, 2 Rear bookshelfs and a sub. This would be great to obviously get the 5.1 surround sound And you get everything you need to get that running with this bundle. https://www.richersounds.com/pah015096.html
However they are the weaker or cheaper series speakers the lowend of the series from Fyne the F300’s. £1000

Option 2: I go with just 2.0 but get the better series F500’s which would be just the 2 Floorstandings thats it. Which seems like less but they are a much better speakers and could make a significant difference and then I always have the ability to add more in the long run. But I wouldnt have the 5.1 effect for movies or anything that would use it. https://www.richersounds.com/fyne-audio-f501-piano-gloss-white.html £1100

Im really not too sure on what to do any opinions would be appriciated.

Depends what you value more, and how much instant gratification you want.

I don’t know I don’t really watch movies atm but that was because I was always holding off on it as I didnt want to watch a movie in bad sound quality. I listen to alot of music atm but ik even the 5.1 will sound really good.

My 2c on 5.1 vs stereo.

To a point 5.1 systems are far less picky about component quality, and speaker placement because dynamic room correction actually works for 5.1 systems.
However they generally don’t make the best stereo systems, unless you build them from that point of view. 7/5.1 receivers are generally not comparable to similarly priced Stereo Amps, for obvious reasons.

There is a middle ground here, 2.1 or 3.1 can give you a very good movie experience.
You really want a sub for movies.

If you don’t buy a center Channel, you will want to ensure you can either buy an additional single speaker (and the form factor works as a center), or there is an available matched center.
You can pick up something for surrounds later.

I watch a lot of movies, and I have a dedicated theater room, and I chose that over a space for dedicated Stereo listening. YMMV.

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It comes down to what matters more to you. Will you be listening to music more or watching tv/movies more on this system or does one type of listening matter to you more than the other? Also something to consider, who, or more specifically how many, are doing the movie watching at once? If it’s just you and a SO cuddled on the couch watching, a 2.0/.1 sound system where both are in a spot where the center stereo image is in front of TV can be quite engaging. If you’re watching a lot with family or other groups, a 5.1 system will generally give better room coverage than a stereo system, and in that case a center speaker becomes almost essential.

IMO a 5.1 (or 7.1 or more) system beats a 2.0 for movie watching hands down, and I watch a lot of movies/TV by myself and with the family. I also have a desktop listening setup with headphones for music listening. @Polygonhell is spot on, at the same price point, a dedicated stereo component will outperform a multichannel one for stereo performance, though. So what matters to you?