2.1 home changeout

So I have a semi old Denon avr-x2100w , a Definitive tech sub and a Definitive tech center speaker. I am looking for suggestions for a couple of floor standers that I could add to these and get rid of the cheap soundbar I have. Budget is kind of tight so m-a-y-b-e $400 but that would be pushing it right now.

The Definitive tech speakers are part of a 5.1 complete setup (pro cinema 600) but I find them a little small so looking to make them larger sounding so to speak.

Also wondering if I could connect powered/active speakers to this avr?

It has “Zone2” preout. In theory I suppose you could connect that to powered speakers in the main room. I have a Denon and I’ve never tried this. There are no regular main preouts other than subwoofer though.

Zone 2…Kind of what I see as well… Brief moment thought about moving my Adam T5Vs

Zone 2 would work with powered monitors but the Denon’s volume control probably does not work. Info suggests it should used with other amplifier, that control’s the other speakers.


So the powered speakers should have volume control or some another way to control the volume. If the powered speakers just take’s signal in, they will play full volume.

You can adjust the signal from settings but that’s not a convenient way to change the volume.