2.1 setup for music

Am I wrong in thinking that if you set a 2.1 setup (your own setup not like an Edifier type system) for music listening only, then you wouldn’t need to worry so much if your speakers go super low in the bass?
You could then choose speakers that have good treble and midrange and pick the right subwoofer.
It would make picking up bookshelf speakers much easier IMO.
For example, a set of JAMO C93ii with an 8" sub could be great, no?!

The advantage of a sub in a 2.1 system is as much removing the bass frequencies from the main speakers as it is extra bass (which you’ll also get), that makes the main speakers actually sound better.
However you need an amp or sub with an actual crossover in it, to handle the crossover to the subs vs trying to deal with the natural roll off of the primary speakers. This is surprisingly hard to find at reasonable prices.
Also integrating a sub so it sounds natural can be challenging.
You also need a relatively high quality sub for it to sound good.


Good subwoofers with good sound plus the performance and perfect integration to speakers are costly. For the right reasons.
These good manufactures usually also have speakers, that works together flawlessly with the sub like bread and butter. Easy to setup, great overall sound but it will cost.

I have 2.1 systems in my office and my living room. My listening room has a 2.2 system. In my experience, I can get great results using moderately priced equipment when I use a calibrated mic to calibrate the levels and crossover points. My listening room goes a step further using Dirac Live to flatten the responses with DSP and it is completely seamless.

2.2 is great.

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All the above is true. What else counts is the music you listen to. The speakers and sub/s you choose should be based on what genres you enjoy most. Your sound signature preference is also a must. Don’t waste money on high quality audiophiile equipment and then attempt to listen to music recorded and meant for a dance club, there will be a mismatch of equipment. (There are always exceptions to this…) I wish more folks brought forth this fun fact, i had to learn the lesson myself. Happy listening always. :+1:


Thanks for all the good replies :smiley:

I haven’t looked into subs yet (and their prices) but this was an idea I had and wanted to ask this community.

Would I be better off getting speakers with 6" woofers or even towers? Thoughts?

Hi Nick,
Thanks for asking. The genre of music is something that I try to take in consideration for my purchase but I’m having a hard time with the reviews online.
I listen to a lot of different genres but the main ones are techno and electronic music. These songs have really high treble and go down very low with a lot of distorsion and white noise… Instrument reproduction and voice rendering of secondary to me on that scenarios.
Is neutral or warm better?
As a reference, I have a pair of KEF Q100 in my living and I really like them even if they are not ideally placed.

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So far learned bigger the cabinet better it sounds to my ear. 6in is the way to go, multiple 6in drivers in a floorstanding cabinet, whats not too like other than taking up space ?

Also, firm believer of the active subwoofer.

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Driver speed is that a thing or old wives tale ?

It’s perfect that you understand and know this info, it took me a while to grasp this fact and i was frustrated often because i had good equipment but wasn’t able to enjoy certain styles of music for this very reason.
I now have multiple system set-ups which require a convoluted and extremely careful start up process to avoid damage Along with a hand drawn schematic for me to remember what does what. For the v-curve which also requires deep boomy club style base i used a powerful system set-up with less expensive home theater style speakers which worked for me. Of course there are infinite variables to this.
Here are my basic 3 systems, if you think about it you will realize they provide distinct and separate sound signatures, thus allowing for multiple styles of music across the board.
For what you describe i have used: Roon>laptop> Innuos zenith MK3 server>Parasound Halo P5>Monoprice, Monolith 5channel 200wpc amp (A/B) (this is also part of my HT but only requires 2 of these channels for music system)>Klipsch R-820F Towers (relatively inexpensive)>2xMonoprice thx12”subs w/adjustable ports run wide open. This system satisfies my need for volume and club style thumping, window rattling bass. You are correct in that it produces that sought after high volume v-curve w/minimal concern for accurate audiophile quality detail or precision and the music i play on this does not require such so it’s awesome.

System 2 pushes same source gear to chord Questest dac>parasound Halo P5 (functioning only as pre-amp) Decware 341.5 amp (6wpc)> Klipsch Heresey>2x monolith 12”subs with ports plugged. This is a mid-grade quality system used for latin jazz, many movie soundtrack albums, classical, modern vocals, pop, indie, etc. music played at moderate to Slightly louder volume that throws sound wide and forward.

System 3 pushes same source gear to Border Patrol SE-i DAC> Vinnie Rossi L2iSE amp (attenuated down 6db for sensitive speakers)>Omega super 6 XRS Alnico speakers. This system is my go-to for blues and jazz in general, vocals, and many audiophile quality recordings with a more relaxed and warm sound signature which i enjoy most. Low to moderate volume is where this system is King and rules the room.

I am able to create other configurations when i want to play around but this is what i have settled into my basic 3 to provide a full spectrum of genre availability. Of course your ear, experience and wallet will dictate best and your tolerance for how much crap you want sitting in your room.

There is a 4th system i don’t speak about and it is my HT set-up which Integrates a few of the pieces and the subs and A bunch of surround Speakers.
Happy Listening and good luck👍

That’s a matter of personal preference. Many speakers with 6" woofers and most towers have enough bass to satisfy most people. It is also much, much simpler to set up.

Location and placement, adjustments or settings.
You can get get good and clean overall sound with small speaker with 6" drivers and sub.
Depending of speaker, even with 5" driver.

Bigger the driver and lot’s of power behind it, sub can focus on low FR only.

I’m thinking I could try to find a used subwoofer with a crossover setting since my amp had a sub out.
This way I give it a try with my current speakers (Kef q100 and polk tsi100) and see how it sounds before investing real money.
What sub weeks you guys recommend?

There are plenty of inexpensive subs Out there and some good used ones too. Check out REL, Rhythmic, Monprice monolith, SVS, HSU research. used may be Bit harder to find since you will be looking for something local to you due to shipping expense. Take your time and search out some of the other sites out there like audiocircle who have wonderful forums and a healthy trading/sales section for peer to peer sales. Bnch of used subs for sale on audiocircle at this time…

Edit, there have been many sales at Klipsch and JBL the past several months. Anything from them would be right up your alley.

I agree 100%, my new Cambridge Audio AXA amp and SX50 Bookshelves is great for Jazz or New Age listening, very smooth and relaxing, not as good as say Klipsch for high volume Heavy Metal or EDM. Room size, listening volumes and genres of preferred music matter the most for which model Speakers to buy.

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Dual subs and active crossover makes music sound nice.

Still looking for speakers/subs?

Still not sure how to pick the right setup for me. One thing I plan on doing is to try a sub. The other option would be to get tower but space is at a premium in my house…

Update: i just bought a sub for my desk to use with my new-ish used KEF RDM1 speakers. I found a Pioneer SW-8 by Andrew Jones at Goodwill for $40. The sound is great now with real bass and full sound.