2.1 System Suggestions

To start off, I am technically using this setup for nearfield at the moment since it’ll be for my desktop computer, however I’m planning to maybe use this for HT in the future. Reason I preface with that is because, for the subwoofer, I already went and bought a Rythmik LV12R since I saw one selling used for a reasonable price. I was originally planning for a SVS SB-1000 Pro or something along those lines since I was expecting to keep this as a nearfield setup, but now I’m thinking of sticking with just one system rather than having one for my PC and another for my TV.

So, with that out of the way, here are the bookshelf speakers I’m currently looking at on the used market to complete my 2.1 system:

  • B&W 707 s2
  • Triangle Espirit Titus EZ
  • Triangle Borealis BR03
  • Elac Uni-fi Reference UBR 62
  • Canton VENTO 830.2
  • Dynaudio CS 500
  • Dynaudio DM 2/6 or 2/7
  • Jamo C803
  • Paradigm Studio 40 v2
  • SVS Ultra

I know it’s a lot and probably all over the place, but this is probably one of the few times I haven’t done a ton of research before looking around the market. Sadly this means that I’m using a shotgun approach and just looking at everything in my price range that seems like a good deal. There are even more, too, but I’m electing not to add them since the list has already gone on for far too long.

Other than the Rythmik sub, I have an Ares II DAC and will be getting an amp, but probably something cheap like an Aiyima T9. I’ll be mainly using it for music for now, but will eventually use them for movies and music later on. Hopefully this wasn’t too much, just trying to dip my toes into speakers as a mainly headphone guy.

You may not have considered them, but give RSL Speakers a shot, either the CG3Ms or the CG5s and Speedwoofer10S mkII. Thet have a 30-day no BS return period and the Speedwoofer is probably the best sub for Under $500, a pair the best under $1000. I got the CG5s to try as a pair of “semi-portable” speakers, but I’ve been breaking them in on my main system and they may actually replace my Buchardt S300 mkII speakers. They are tremendously balanced, and while they have great dispersion the imaging and depth are unreal for the price. Definitely put them on your list, even just to try; they are sold primarily as HT speakers, but they absolutely rock as a 2.1 music setup, too.
Edit: they’ll work just fine with that Rhythmik, so you can skip the Speedwoofer unless you want to try another sub at the same time and return it if you don’t prefer/want it.

emotiva b2+

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