2/3-in-1-out headphones switcher

My beyerdynamic MMX 300 are on the way and I figured, that I need some adjustment to my setup: I have a home PC and work laptop which I would like both connect to the headphones and also the PC speakers (HK soundsticks III) should be connected at the same time. I found a cheap solution but it kinda smells shait. For illustration purposes its very good though. Do You have any advices for a solid device?

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Douk audio has a great line of switchers if you aren’t looking for a mic input. I have the balanced passive one and it works like a charm.

Well it has to have a mic input… From the PC and laptop, so I can use the headset. A local music instruments reseller suggsted the Behringer XENYX 1002B… Wondering what all the ports are good for and if it fits my setup…

So that’s one of those you’ll have to dig into since it’s pro audio equipment, mic and source connections tend to be xlr in the PA world. Beringer makes decent equipment for the price, so if it works for you I’d say go for it.