2.5mm to 2.5mm balanced cable help?

So, I have searched far and wide and me being me (having bad luck and being a dumbass) cannot find a decent non split 2.5mm to 2.5mm balanced cable for my HD 560s. The ones I can find are made of that hard noisy plastic. I have tried AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. the style of cable I’m looking for are helixed soft touch (like Tripowin Zonie 16 but for HD 560s) Lets just hope I don’t have to deal with custom expensive cables.

Have you tried contacting some of the custom cable places or people? I am sure they can make one for you. Hart audio, Periapt, Double helix cables etc?

Hart audio or Periapt is probably your best bet (personally i perfer Hart)
But are you sure they can be run balanced? Also gotta ask, why? (they arent exactly power hungry headphones)

if it has a connection for each cup, then by default it is balanced. sharing a ground makes them not balanced.

There are headphone with only one connection (like Fostex) that can be run balanced, but they have to be wired for it, which im not sure the 560S is

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search for balanced 2.5mm cable for hd598. they use the same.

i dont have hd560s. assumed it was a dual cup cable setup. forgot the 500 series uses the single cable.

edit: it is a balanced HP though

I have the newfantasia cable but its a really cheap cable. Their pads are fine but their cables are very noisy. didn’t mean to shoot you down

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my current DAP the hiby r3 pro sabre has an issue where the 3.5mm jack tanks the battery also while needing high gain to power Grado sr60e and other low power headphones. So even if the hd560s are not wired to be balanced they sound fine when using a horrid low quality overpriced test cable. and since the crap cable works, I’m now looking for a more permanent cable.

no worries, never used them. just throwing up as possible option

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This can be

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