2.5mm to 2 x 2.5mm balanced cable

When my $79 Earstudio ES100 arrives, I would like to connect its 2.5mm balanced output to my HE400i and M1060C, both of which have 2.5mm inputs.

Where can I find a decent quality not-too-long cable for this?
I’d like one just like my 6.35/3.5mm to 2 x 2.5mm cable, which costs $12, but with an angled 2.5mm TRRS connector.


oidio sound uk

ask for a 45/90 degree source connector- the rest is displayed in the online shop


I also use balanced oidio sound uk cables for my Sennheisers with ES 100 :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion, Martin. With free shipping, the cheapest option with 1m cable and heat-shrink split is only eight times the cost of my current cable, over fourteen dollars more than the ES100 ($93.64) and only 60% less than my HE400i cost.
While I’m sure that the

high purity oxygen-free silver plated copper with a Teflon coating […] made with 4 strands of 26-AWG wire, braided in the round to reduce interference

is top quality, I’ll be satisfied with whatever conducts electricity in soft plastic with good strain relief and connectors - maybe even gold plated like the $12 cable (but with 2.5mm TRRS instead of 3.5mm with a 6.35mm screw-on adapter).

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That is a custom gold plated PLUSSOUND 2.5mm TRRS to 2 x 2.5mm TS connectors on a four conductor Canare V cable wrapped in Charcoal Gray 275 Paracord created to my specifications by Fasterball for a price which I can best describe as significantly less than that of the all the less suitable cable I’ve found for sale.

Listening to the balanced output of the ES100 clipped to my HE400i with Bluetooth SBC audio from my Nexus 5 is awesome. Listing to the balanced output of the ES100 on my modified Thieaudio Phantom with Bluetooth LDAC from my PC is even awesomer. This is thanks to Fasterball.

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I didn’t think to look for threads on here about it, but I did a lot of searching on AE last year for the same kind of cable at a reasonable price and all could find is this “Thouliess” brand one from the “Thouliess” store: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003828396308.html

Has multiple SE and BAL options for the amp-side plug, also multiple length options, which is really nice for a cable that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (26.96 EUR + free shipping at the time I’m posting this).

That is a nice cable which looks a bit like my Tripowin Zonie 2.5 mm to MMCX for my original TinHiFi T2 Plus.

In the intervening years I’ve been satisfied with the custom cable and the full length fabric covered 2.5 mm TRRS to 2.5 mm TS cable with a variety of attachments which came with the Phantom.