2 DACS, 3 Amps and lots of cables. How to connect it all?

Hey guys,
Im currently running 2 separate Stacks off of my PC:

  • Toslink SPDIF → Geshelli J2 → XLR Balanced → THX 789
  • USB → Denafrips Ares II → XLR Balanced → xDuoo TA-20

I have no problems with this setup and im very happy with it. However, Im planning to introduce an OTL amp into my existing setup, which would require an RCA connection. Id like to run the new amp off of my Ares II. Now im asking myself what the best way to connect all of it would be.

So far Ive come up with the following options:

About the Little Bear MC3: this solution would, in theory, be optimal for me. I could connect everything through this box and would even be able to switch DACs on the Fly, which I could not do beforehand. What I dont quite get about this box however, is the XLR → RCA conversion. It says its connecting the hot from the XLR to the hot on the RCA, and the cold and ground from the XLR to the cold on the RCA.

So far so clear. How does this affect the voltage however? Would I get a 2V output from the RCA when the input is running at full 4V via XLR? Or would the RCA still be at the full 4V?
If the RCA would still be at 4V: How would this affect the input on the amp?

What do you guys think would be the best solution? Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:. Also sorry for my english, Im not a native speaker.

I was using a passive splitter box for a while to keep everything plugged into 1 DAC (1 RCA input 4 RCA outputs) I didn’t notice any drops in quality but YMMV

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