2-pin replacement cables for UM MEST

I’ve read an exhaustive amount so far…

I am replacing silver 8-core cables from my UM MEST and don’t feel like paying the $400-$2k fortune by dealers. AliExpress is interesting and NiceHCK on Ali among others have good offerings.

I’m hoping to find some answers:

  • are 16c cables more advantageous than 8c?
  • how do we ensure 2-pin compatibility with current IEMs? best as I can tell, choose a company that sells thousands to everyone.

Would love to hear from you guys. :slight_smile:

I got this XINHS cable so I could keep the stock cable nice for my Mk II 8 cores pure silver and single crystal copper mixed braid headphone upgrade cable For SE846 SE535 UE900S ED12 TRN V80 V20|Earphone Accessories| - AliExpress ; It’s a solid cable, kinda reminds me of the old Moondrop Kanas Pro stock cable, but with different hardware. If you want specific hardware, you can message the seller and get pretty much anything you want but the stock config (.78mm/3.5mm, stainless hardware) works perfect for me. I’m not a believer in any difference between cables unless they’re paired with impedance-sensitive IEMs or literally broken, but I can say that A/B with the stock cable I can’t discern any sonic differences, good or bad.

As to your other questions, Cores are really a comfort/aesthetic preference thing over any tangible benefit IMO, and pretty much anything made nowadays that isn’t exotic is going to be .78mm 2pin, MMCX or QDC. 2pin is the most “compatible” of the types, and can typically work with QDC and, depending on the hardware, will work with flush or recessed connectors regardless.


That sure is a nice cable. :smirk:

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Got it on your recommendation, after all (got some Graphene ones too, but those are on my GS Audio units).


So, 16c sounds the same as 4 or 8?

And graphene vs copper? Curious, having read that copper does offer different sound than silver. I’d think graphene would

@ Sonofholhorse Would love to know if you have compared the graphene to the copper.

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I actually haven’t run an A/B on the Copper/Silver vs Graphene, but I can do that later tonight. Again, in my experience across many IEMs and cables, I have never found the material itself or type of cores/braid to make any difference that I couldn’t chalk up to placebo. That being said, an excuse to listen to my MEST more means that I must undertake this, science demands it!

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Yes, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 core only matters to the looks and thickness, doesn’t affect the sound. Material wise, some would suggest that different materials will sound different, but most likely it’s due to the different impedance. One must have exceptional hearing to be able to tell the difference; most of the time it’s just placebo.

In terms of UM MEST, I also have it but it’s QDC (rounded edges) rather than NX7 (sharp corners), no?

2-pin is the all-compatible, but if you’d like to cover the sockets of MEST, QDC is the better way to go. I’m not sure if NX7 would fit (probably will but I wouldn’t risk it).


Yeah, it really depends; My MEST is a mk II, so it’s just flush 2pin but the OG MEST is QDC IIRC. @UM-chuck make sure that you’re getting the right one, whatever cable you decide on!

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Oooooooh, man! Thank you so much. my current pins are the QDC 2pin, and im so relieved to know for certain what to do. If you find a difference in the graphene vs copper, I will keep my ear down and go from there. But you have been so helpful, you have no idea. :slight_smile:


Why is it that you’re wanting to change from the stock mest cable? Iirc it’s a pretty nice pwaudio one

Two words: My Cat. :slight_smile:


if you are interested in swappable connections Kinera has been coming out with better budget options (their swappable connector cables range from $40 to $100+)

just bought the LINSOUL Tripowin Altea QDC 2.5MM for $40 for my mest OG
went with qdc instead of 2 pin .

“swappable” connections? interesting. trying to see what those look like.

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Yeah, as in swappable termination. 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal or 4.4mm Bal

LOL. No sooner did i post that, a “duhhhhhh” rang thru me. :slight_smile:

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also on linsoul that I know of

XINHS also have cheaper options too :+1:

Ah fair enough, usually my recommendations would be to get something from PWaudio or Plussound to name a couple.

Personally I would recommend replacing the cable with something of similar quality that goes for the sort of sound characteristics that you are looking for out of your IEMs. But the vocal majority tend to disagree with that here :sweat_smile:

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