200 dollar headphones recommendation

Hello, Im searching for a 200 dollar headphones for music to add to my small collection. I have currently a dt990 and p7 bowers and wilkins i use a atom jds lab amplifier I dont really care if they are open or closed back. They already recommend me the he400se and 560s but i dont know which one.

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Personally I would go with the Hifiman just to add a planar to the collection, it should have a more neutral response as well compared to the 990 so I think it will help you figure out if you prefer something more neutral or v shaped.

If you think you prefer a more clinical sound that’s more about analyzing and don’t care much about planars then go 560s. These should be towards neutral as well but I hear they are a little sterile and a little too focused on the detail, a bit aggressive maybe.

On a final note both should sound smoother and more laid back then the 990 as it is quite infamous for its brightness.

(All opinions expressed are just me putting myself in your shoes but I have not heard any of the headphones here it’s just what I’ve researched. This is not financial advice xD)


I have the 200 dollar HD560S from Sennheiser. It is about as resolving as my 79 dollar Moondrop Aria but has a nice dd timbre and wide soundstage. From what I’ve read Hifiman He400 series is better

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I can also recommend the Emu Purpleheart for $75 or the Meze Noir or Meze Classic.
Both are worth the money.
I would stay away from the Hifiman unless you have a good drive source.
The DT has a peak that can be disturbing, most people turn away from it.
I can’t say too much about the Sennheiser, it’s okay and needs a good amplifier to be driven.

For the future, if you want to go into planar headphones, make sure you have an amp that is potent with the Dan Clark Aeon R/T, then you are well covered.

Oh yes and welcome to the forum :wink:

The truth is that I don’t know which one to buy and I don’t know if my amplifier is good enough to power them.

I have an amplifier atom from jds lab i dont really know if its enough and for the price im looking for those are the headphones they recommend me the most but i dont really know what to choose because the opinions are really divided.

Your amp is fine for the options being considered. Tell us more about what you’d like to change sound-wise from your current headphones. What do you like/dislike? What do you want to listen to on them?

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I really like my dt990 are pretty good for games but i think there are better options for pure music. I usally hear rap and electronic muisic.

You’re not going wrong with the atom - that’s OK.
If you ever want to upgrade and need advice, come back.:wink:

I would go with the 400SE over the 560S, but it’s important to note that the 400SE does cost a little more than its listed price since you’ll really need to buy an upgraded cable. The cable it comes with is maybe the worst cable I’ve ever seen in… any context, maybe?

You’ll also see people doing stuff like popping the grills off or swapping the pads or whatnot, but none of that is necessary the way buying an upgraded cable is.

But yeah, it’s a great headphone, I like it a lot for the price! The JDS Atom should be just fine for powering it, by the way.

P.S. Another really cheap headphone you might want to try is the Koss KPH30i! It costs $30, though you can find it on sale for $20 sometimes.

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oh thx a lot

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what cable should i buy, can you put the link ? The one that z reviews put in her video

You don’t need anything especially fancy, like if you buy the 400SE on Amazon, there are links to some Neomusicia cables that cost $20 and should be perfectly fine.

In terms of compatibility, you just need a dual 3.5mm to the headphone, which is pretty common since Focal headphones and other newer Hifiman headphones all use that same connection, so there are a lot of custom cable makers who make compatible cables.

thank you bro :slight_smile:

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No problem! Also, something I forgot to mention, I think you’ll need one of these adapter thingies to plug the KPH30i into the Atom if you decide to buy one:


EDIT: Here’s a link: Amazon.com: Sennheiser 1/4" Adapter - 549346 Authentic Genuine 6.35mm Adapter Jack - 3.5mm (1/8 Inch) to (1/4 Inch) : Electronics

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HD6XX, if you like a warm, mid focused sound signature. Should be a good complement to DT 990 as well. Also HD58X which is slightly cheaper.

You should try Corsair HS60 pro Best Corsair Gaming Headset. And this is in your budget and i’m sure you won’t regret after using this.

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