$200 headphone budget, can't decide

Buying my 1st pair of “nice” headphones that I will use for gaming and listening to music. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the 58x, he4xx, and fidelio x2hr. Every time I think I’ve made up my mind on one, I read a new review that makes me question my decision.

I’ve been using a pair of Grado sr80’s for years for music and Steelseries gaming headset for gaming, so I think any of these would be a great choice, but I can’t decide which one I should pull the trigger on. Please help!

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Are you also thinking about picking up an amp as well? Also what music do you listen to, and what games do you play?

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I already have a fiio e10k. I listen to mostly electronic, hip-hop and rock music. Gaming is mostly FPS, RPG’s and flight sims.

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Gotcha, do you have a preference for sound signature yet? What do you like about your grados, and what would you want to change about them?

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I’m not sure what sound signature means, I’m pretty new to this all. Besides my grados, I’ve never really had good headphones or speakers.

What I like about the Grados

  • Openness
  • I can hear details in music that I never did before
  • Balanced sound
  • They changed the way I listen to music and really opened my eyes to how a good pair of headphones sound.
  • I got into modding them a little, which was fun

What I don’t like

  • They get really uncomfortable to wear after an hour or more
  • Sometimes I’ll be listening to a song and wish they had just a little more bass

Gotcha, you would most likely enjoy both headphones, but without a different amp, I would say go for the 58x, it should be pretty nice. I think if you are willing to get an amp like the liquid spark and use your e10k as a dac, I would say go for the 4xx

I haven’t heard the fidelios but I hear they’re pretty bass heavy. The 58x are the best all rounders from the 3 I think. Sound good with basically anything. The 4xx in my experience are better for rock. More open sounding than the 58x but I feel they are pretty bass light and can even get a little harsh or crunchy sounding in the highs. I like my 4xx but I feel they are more genre picky than the 58x

For me also I feel the 58x are more comfortable than the 4xx. Lighter and the pads fit around the ear better. You may need to bend out the metal band on the sides a tad if they are too tight. Or just wait till they naturally mold a little bit.

if you need something lke the sr 80e the fidelios are definitely not them they are very bassy laid back headphones. the 58x leans closer to balance but lack the treble emphasis the sr 80 e have and lean closer to a more relaxed sound. the he 4xx sound sig wise is very neutral with a hint of brightness very linear and doesnt really lack anywhere. but requires more power . the dt 880 would be closer to the sr80e… but you need more power.

Yeah the 880 600 ohm would also be a great pick if he was wiling to grab that higher power amp

Thanks everyone, I think eventually I will upgrade to a higher power amp, but for now it sounds like the 58x is going to be the best fit for me!


:+1:. You’ll like them. They’re really great all rounders

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Ive had the 58x and 400i which should just be like the he4xx. i wasnt happy with the fidelio x2 (non hr). I was pretty happy at the time with 400i and it was probably my first major headphone purchase. I would say though that 58x would be a better all arounder. both can be modded pretty easily but 58x mods a little easier without ruining its construction

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