< $200 Headphones for isolation / bass

My niece was blown away when she listened to some of my headphones, and since she has a birthday coming up she really wants a pair. She said the most important feature for her would be noise isolation and she also enjoys good bass.

I’d have to imagine the DT 770’s / 32Ω would be the way to go here? Good isolation, bass, and easy to drive so she can listen through her phone.

I’m not too familiar with AKG or AT offerings - anything else to look at?

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The 770’s would be my choice too…Sivga do a few too maybe worth a look? :+1:

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too bad these are out of stock it seems

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Meze 99 Neo should be in that price range as I see it go for $200. DT 770 is nice but it is also pretty bright, if she has a sensitivity to treble this may be a deal breaker. T50RP MK3 would work but change the pads and make other alterations if necessary, very mod friendly as this is just the argons in it’s base form you can pay modhouse a small fee to upgrade to the argons later so this may be a good option. Some other budget options are Status Audio CB-1, AKG Pro Audio K553 MKII, Sony MDR1A, Takstar Pro82, and M1060C

AudioTechnica ATH-M40x’s have bass, have a comfort issue though.

Beyerdynamic Custom One is another set to look at (has a removeable cable, so can be made into a headset if need be).

AKG K371 is also one to consider. Can’t speak for isolation on these as I have not heared them.

That is true and all, they are semi-open though. T40RP are closed.

akg k371 is a good piclk especially if shes into songs with a lot of female vocals but also likes bass.
if you can find them cheap the b and o h6 is a good looking well built very pleasant sounding headphone. if she like bass a lot though the mezes are one of my go to easy to drive cans for bass

I vote the meze 99 Noir. A good headphone for a beginer and doesnt have the harsher treble of the dt770. also the T40rp or 20 has very sibilant treble. the Neo only comes with one pad i think and some people really need the other pad that comes with them. which the Noir has.

The AKG K371 and K361 are very good from what i hear

I’m very curious about this headphone. what does it sound like? does the Bass adjustment on it work well?

When I auditioned it it was the pro plus, it had a lot of compression in the sound and just didn’t sound very good. Lack in detail, lack in clarity, lack in clean sound. Sounded rather balanced for a beyer and the bass slider did indeed work. Could have been that I had a bad copy but I can’t recommend this due to my experience with it in good faith. I would sooner tell you grab the Custom Studio. The bass slider opens up the sound making it sound a little wider as well as bassier though which was nice. Excuse my language but in my opinion, subjectively speaking, these sounded like shit.

it sounds like a worse less controlled 770 to my ears the pro plus isa better headphone much more controlled and a more pleasant listen they are lower impedance headphoines and the build quality is better than the standard beyers.

I haven’t heard any of the Meze but depending on the niece’s age, those wood earcups are the best looking in this price range! I’ve heard great things about the bass, second the Noir vote.

Yeah they are very nice looking headphones and sound great

Slider closed, they have the typical closed beyerdynamic low end. Does not have a lot of width, detail is meh.

Slider open, the low end gets reduced making it more of a competetive gaming, less fun headphone. This also helps the detail pushing it to the good end of the spectrum.

It is the least beyerdynamic beyer-headphone on the market.

Call me crazy but i think this is a really good feature. i dont know why more headphones dont have it. It seems like a cool way to control bass

its a weird feature to implement and more work is needed to get all settings sounding good. most of the time it goes from flat good to muddy with headphones with this featre its a matter of how each setting is tuned individually and requires R and
d money to do so the takstar pro 82’s also have this feature

I love how its just different size holes. and a slider to block or open which size you want. I mean how many times do people ask for a headphone with more bass?

I think i wanna buy it just to see how it sounds. How do the Takstar 82’s sound?

cal’s, meze neo or noir, tygr300 if she doesn’t mind the style, sony xyz123(their naming sucks) the ones with boosted bass.

Also needs to be mentioned that there’s a 14 WEEK LEAD TIME for these.