$2099 AVR remote doesn't light up

Why does Denon and Marantz still do this BS? Only the x8500h $4599 and the SR8015 $3799 get a back lit remote. Not much of a thread, but my god this is annoying, It’s not 1996 anymore D&M blacklights aren’t expensive!


My uncle can sell you a remote with a backlight for half that. Fair warning the #3 button is kinda sticky though.


Ive got to say… I love everything about my marantz series 30 + SACD 30n hifi… BUT that damn non-backlit remote. I mean the remote itself (the marantz remote) is nice, but late at night when we are in bed, trying to find the sleep timer button, or just trying to find the volume buttons. :rofl: :rofl:

Grrrr I guess we only spent $6000 total with marantz, so we didnt get the light-up remote. =P

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Well the ~2K$ AV-receivers did have back light remotes like ~7 years ago.
Might still have em today but prices have gone up.

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At this point it should be standard on all models, its ridiculous.