$275 for KEF Q100

Good price? Looking to replace the hand-me-down Advent Legancy’s (late 80’s) passive speaker system. Already have Onkyo TS-DS696 so I should have more than enough power.

It’s alright, but sometimes the kef q150 will go on sale for 300, and if you look used you may be able to find similar. I think the q150 is a significant step up from the q100


@M0N I really appreciate the quick reply!!!

On the subreddit I saw the Q100s were still being recommended, however, I totally understand going for the newer model in the Q150s ESPECIALLY if I can grab them for $300! I’ll keep holding on. Based on the Z reviews I’ve watched, I don’t think I’m ready to go LS50 at this time :D. I’ll be looking to fill a small room with these, smaller than the room in the videos, so I originally looked to the Q100s. Will sit on my hands for a bit hoping for another sale as you recommend.

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Yeah on black Friday they dipped to 300 new a pair on Amazon which is a really good deal if you wanted a kef. The q100 is still solid, but if you can get a deal on the q150 I think it would be worth the wait

+30 year old Advent Legacy’s still kicking, will wait for sure. Thank you so much. Gives me time to find a remote for this receiver :stuck_out_tongue: