2ch External Amp for 6.1 AVR?

I am toying with the idea of adding some external amplification to my existing AVR to upgrade my 2.0 listening and help drive my somewhat power hungry mains. Current setup includes:

Marantz SR7200 AVR (6.1, 110w/ch)
PSB Stratus Bronze towers (90dB, 4ohm)
PSB Stratus C5i Center
PSB Image B4 Surrounds
Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer
Rega P-1 w/glass platter and Ortofon 2M Blue Turntable
Cambridge Audio 540p TT preamp

I’d say I’m about 60%/40% Music/Movies. The AVR does ok and doesn’t clip, but Im sure I haven’t opened up my main speakers to their full potential considering their sensitivity and impedance. I know my AVR is outdated by quite a bit, but I still think it sounds reasonably musical and could serve as a pre-amp for an external amplifier for now and provide an upgrade path going forward. Im considering a used NAD272 for a very reasonable price. My question is, would my money be better spent elsewhere? I don’t really care about Atmos but do agree the receiver would be a weak point. It will be changed out in the future, so I’m ok with that for now.

Anyone have any input? Appreciate it!

I just recently added an Outlaw Audio 7000x external amp to my living room avr setup. Love it… not a flashy amp but it’s like the Millennium Falcon “she ain’t much to look it at, but has it where it counts.” For a two channel I’d go with a couple of their mono blocks triggered together off the receiver. Would give you all the power you need and great separation.

Thanks for your response gguy. I hear very good things about Outlaw Audio. Money is an issue for me though (always is) and while I like the idea of doing a 5ch or 7ch external, its too pricey right now. Honestly, I shouldn’t even be spending at all, but I have some cash and feeling that upgrade itch…hahahah. So, it sounds like you feel that the external amp improved your setup to a noticeable degree? Dynamics, clarity, separation, headroom? All that? Would you say it was worth the investment?

When I ordered my amp it felt like a huge gamble, but after having for a bit… yes… improved entire experience. My wife was even more skeptical until we listened to music after it came and wow factor hit. It was a lot of money to me. I had to tuck away monies for a while and round up good cables for it. But in theory it’s something you never have to upgrade… It’s always struggle to squirrel away for that next piece… when the itch is right now…

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Good deal. Thanks. Been wondering if it would be worth doing or not. Sounds like its a yes! Ill keep researching and maybe even start saving a bit too!

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