2FA Not working properly?

I know it’s a little excessive getting 2 Factor Authentication working for this particular account, but I figured I’d try practicing better security habits. I did just spend my day resetting a bunch of passwords after all lol. Anyways, I’m finding that 2FA isn’t working here, at least for the Google Authenticator app. I’d properly insert the code that’s displayed, and for whatever reason, the site won’t accept the code. Not sure what’s causing it to be this weird, since this problem hasn’t happened on all of the other websites I have 2FA activated in. If anyone could lend me any assistance with my issue, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I had the same experience when trying to set up 2FA with Duo Security as well.

So this isn’t unusual then? I was wondering if it was either my app or my computer messing things up somehow, but now it’s possible that this is more common of a problem than I think.