2nd headphones to compliment HD600's

I own HD600 and really enjoy them but am looking for another set of open headphones that would provide more sound stage and bass while still being comfortable. Would really like Audeze LCD’s or ZMF Auteurs which I think would fit but they’re too expensive at this stage.

Right now I’m leaning towards the Philips X2’s, does anyone have both these and the HD600’s and if so, do they sound different enough for you to have a place for both of them or are they too similar in sound?

Any other suggestions for under about $800AUD (under $500 or so USD) that would fit this sound?

I have the 58X so I don’t know how close they are to the HD600. I did just get the Fidelio X2HR, which seems to be like the original pre-Gibson, Woox X2 version with the removable pads, but that is an entirely different topic.

In short Yes, (compared to 58X), its very different. I think for the most part, what everyone has to say about the X2’s are accurate. Soundstage, Bass, Fun…

I guess I was in a similar situation where I wanted the X2’s based on all the mentions from Z in his reviews.
In my research of the X2’s I looked into these:
DT770 Pro 80
Vokyl Erupt -Though you probably won’t be able to get these immediately, it will give you an impression of the X2s, if you haven’t watched Z’s review on it.

Yeah I have seen the review for those and they’re definitely something I would consider but they’re not really available anywhere much less in Australia and when they will be (if they will be) i think they’ll be at a fair bit more than the X2’s which have just dropped under $300AUD

MassDrop doesn’t ship there do they? If you want something more different than similar, I’d consider the HE4XX or HE400i. It has more bass, but sound stage isn’t great. Anyway it’s my personal favorite for vocal presentation. The AKG K712 has good sound stage but the bass is neutral. It does respond well to an EQ boost though. The Hifiman Sundara at $350 is also supposed to be great, but I haven’t heard them.

Headphones are usually fine to ship to Aus but it’s a case by case basis. I got my Fostex TR-X00 PH from Massdrop. I’ll look into the 4XX and Sundara more. K712 i think wouldn’t be warm and bassy enough for my tastes.

I think I’ll rule out the Sundara, they’re over twice the cost of the X2’s. K712’s aren’t cheap either. I think for $294AUD and from what I’ve read the X2’s are the best choice for me. More bass and more soundstage than the Hifimans or the AKG. 4XX are probably great but was looking for something with more bass emphasis rather than treble emphasis.

If you are okay with used, I have seen a few LCD2Cs on headfi for sale forum and r/avexchange going for $550.

They’re that cheap used? Or is that USD?

That’s USD.

Also, the X2s are a much better different sound than the HD600s. X2s slam in bass and have a huge sound stage. They are definitely a more “fun” headphone where the HD600s are more analytical. Would be a good complement.

Yeah thats my thoughts, X2 is $294AUD, even a used LCD-2C is $800AUD. I think I’m pretty settled on the X2’s.


Definitely worth a try. You could always resell them. They are a good price range that appeals to lots of people.