3.1 home theater recommendations 2k budget

I havent done a home theater setup in a long time and im looking to get something to replace my soundbar setup so im pretty much starting from scratch here. Mostly gonna be used for movies, shows and music, the size of the room is about 12x25 and i currently run my pc to my tv for all my viewing needs. Im looking for something that will wow me and i love feeling intense scenes so i have a feeling ill be investing a good amount into a good sub lol. im open to either floor or bookshelf and im pretty inrieged by the micca’s good reviews for the price but not sure if that would suit my needs. ill add a pic of my setup. Also my all my walls and floors a concrete if that matters. thanks for any inputs!!

You can put together a Nice 3.1 or 3.2 for $1000.

I just put 3 Micca MB42X-C (Centers) on my Samsung 5.1 HTIB for Fronts and Center.

The Miccas were my Best Choice for running on the Samsung BluRay - But if I was putting together a system including buying a receiver I’d most likely go with the Pioneer Andrew Jones speaker system but with 2 subs in 3.2 or 5.2 with a Pioneer or a Yamaha receiver. Maybe Denon

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Tons of subs available, 8” or 10” will react Faster but 12”-15” go Lower. Personally I’d run 2 8” or 10”…

Budget Options:

Depending on the Rest of the room and furniture etc - you may need to put down a throw rug, canvas pictures/paintings or such on walls to keep it from being echo(y) or ill sounding resonance - maybe not ?