3.1 on a budged

As a title suggest i’m currently looking for a nice 3.1 budged set for my tv.
I’ve always been more of the headphone guy but i think it’s time to step up a little bit and finally get some work done with my HT so that’s why im here asking you for help because i don’t even know where to begin.

My tv is LG C9 OLED and my current set up for playing movies from
blu-ray is either ps4pro (ps5 after release) or PC. Room with the Tv is not that big and the distance between it and my couch is around 2m at least. My budged would be around 500 GBP for now.

Thank you!

3.1, yamaha RX-V4A .

Edit: Do not buy a 2020 reciever, story going around a problem with the 2.1 chipset on all the reciever brands with 2.1 HDMI. Story is developing.