300-350 planar headphone recommendation

So I was looking at three planar headphones,
300 Monoprice monolith 570, BLONS B20 ( these drop to 350 on drop at times which is why I am considering it as I would just wait for these), or Hifiman Sundaras, And was wondering what most people would consider best to get in this range? I prefer slight v shape but at times I prefer detail. I have weird wide range of music ranging from hip hop and rap, to spanish music, video game OST, to even j or K pop, and some rock at times.
Thanks for the any advice

What amp would you be driving these on? And also how much does bass matter to you?

For amps for now i would only be able to use a Fiio q1 m2 as I am in middle of up grading set up but was thinking of using a xduoo xd 05 plus for mobile set up and for desk I was looking for either the monolith dac amp combo with thx or the smsl thx amp so I was thinking maybe not ones that require a lot of power. Like my current dap is the fiio m7. And for bass I would think about on a scale of 1 to 10 about a 6 or 7, I like enough to have a punch but prefer it to be clean punchy bass.

Hmm, the Blons or the Sundara would be good imo. I think for overall detail the sundaras are more detailed throughout the range, but are more bright then the more v shaped blon and 570. The blon would be a bit wider where the sundara and the 570 would be the more intimate sound. I don’t think you would end up having any issues with driving them. IMO I think the sundara is the more refined headphone that would do better with wider genres but the blon or 570 might be more exciting