300-400 dollar dap shortage?

So I was looking at upgrading my fiio M7( it has been a champ for me when I had the hiby r3 break on me) and looking at amazon and stuff, it seems like there is a giant shortage for the 300 to 400 dollar range. I did look and see that apparently shortage or maybe cease production of ak chip( dont remember the exact number but its the most used one). So i was wondering if there are any daps in this range people know of that are in range. So far I only know of the hiby r5 saber on the hiby website, and the sony a 105.

ibasso dx160 2020 is another good option, what iems/headphones are you looking to power?

on amazon at least the ibasso dx160( i was hoping to get it when money was less tight since i liked the colors and was gonna get it over the hiby) is also hard to find. iems I dont have anything that is known to be hard to drive, i have tin p1, ikko oh10, and others but none that are power hungry or that seem to scale better with more power besides being louder. headphones I have stuff like hd 6xx, hd 58x and the He5xx and plan to later get the dan clark drop closed.

Not on Amazon but there’s this guy:

A few other options in your price range there.

I have never tried musictek are they reliable and all? cause otherwise I dont mind waiting ( though main reason i use amazon is prime)

I have never purchased from them. I have seen them referenced many times on headfi. I go to their site to drool over the high end daps. Hopefully someone who has used them can chime in.

yeah since I have seen it just never used it so not sure. if any one who has, do they have decent return policy? also whats with the like new on some products verse the used ones?

I have purchased a few things (including two Hiby DAPs) directly from MusicTeck and, yes, they are reliable and will respond quickly to any inquiries. They ship quickly, too. Also, I believe much that can be found on Amazon (Hiby, Shanling, etc.) actually comes from MusicTeck’s store there. I don’t know about their return policy, as I’ve never needed to return anything.


I’ve bought a few things from them and have had good experiences. Both my Hiby R5 and L&P P6 Pro were purchased from them. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

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I ordered my HiBy R5 Saber on Amazon, which it came directly from MusicTeck.

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honestly thats really reassuring since there is a open box pair of sivga phoenix on their that I had eye on so will probably pull trigger, thanks. and their stock is a bit limited as well i noticed but might just get a hiby r5 normal since i see more reviews for that.

also musictek did respond to me and like new is just open box so better condition in theory to used and all.

Ordered multiple items from them. Most recent was Sunday I ordered a Lotoo paw, and it arrived on Wednesday. Shipped from NJ.


Sony zx300 series…used market value = almost exactly 300