$3000 Headphones or Speaker Setup

NBT had an interesting conversation, although it went on many tangents.
If you had $3000 to spend (without accounting for any components), would you prefer to spend it all on headphones or all on a speaker setup and why?

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For me, I would prefer the speaker setup. I’m a sucker for sound stage and relaxing on a lounge chair. I know the price ceiling is way higher for speakers though.
Pros/cons for both for sure.

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My pick would be
Meze Empyreans or 64 Audio A12T
Edit forgot why: I don’t own a house and and don’t wanna bug anyone with my turned up sound.

Speakers of course without any hesitation.
Since budget is limited so low. I would have to say go with Genelec 8350A.
Think i could slip the deal by my VIP salesman. Or at least the 8340A, bit smaller but goooood to.

Cause they just are one of the best and neutral performing speakers.
Sound, performance and GLM system that helps the any room sound very very good.

If I had a house with a decent listening space at the time, I would go speakers.If I had $3000 to spend on speakers, I probably do have such a house and listening space.

I think as part of the discussion it was assumed that you have access to a listening room and you don’t have to worry about neighbors or any extra variables like that.

Speakers for me, headphones are fun but not my primary music reproduction source.

Tekton Double Impact, they’re exactly $3000 and include shipping.

I mean with 3k, you could get some good speakers and a good amp, and a good headphone lol

Lol, of course, but I think it’s meant to be a hypothetical/priority thought question.

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I wish that Focal Aria 7.1 setup sale was offered in pieces. I’d love to try some of the separates without needing to throw down $4k.

Speakers. That assumes the right gear to drive them. I love my cans, but headphones are a solo mission and speakers are a party! :loud_sound: :loud_sound::notes: :metal:

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at the moment still hf

2021 should be the speakers year if no new hobby puts me back

If you have the space then speakers, and it’s a no brainer for me.
But I think a lot of that is coming from Speakers to Headphones, they are just 2 completely different experiences.
Having said that if you really had 3K to spend on Speakers, you can probably stretch to get a great set of headphones as well.
A strict budget of $3000 in the hifi space is almost always really <$4000 + shipping.

i would buy the L700’s and a STAX SRM-D50 energizer