$3k Basement Home Theater In Wall/Ceiling Reccomendations

Hi all,

Setting up a HT for parents basement which is in process of being finished. Already have a 7.2 ch Yamaha HT receiver (will provide full model number once I am able) but I think its more than powerful enough to handle anything. What are the best options for in ceiling / in wall speakers? Feeling lost too many options out there!


Given the budget you’re listing you might want to check out klipsch


Yep, I would second the Klipsch based on the budget and getting allot of value for your money. I’m a fanboy of the brand and general sound signature and use many of their products both for HT and music.
Sound is subjective, don’t let anyone use the term “better”, the appropriate term would be “different” as far as I’m concerned when talking about sound.
You could spend less and not necessarily get the same volume output or spend more and maybe gain something on the detail end.

If you are stuck on using in wall and in ceiling models only you should also check out Crutchfield they have many options to choose from but you are limiting yourself when using only in wall and in ceiling style speakers.
Good luck with the choices out there and happy listening.

so personally if i were to buy today, i would get that from crutchfield and one of those theater solutions subwoofers for under each seat in the theater with the xover set to lowest. they will accent explosions ect with real world feel, makes it more immersive.

just an idea =)