4-pin XLR Headphone Cable Recommendations for T1.2

So my headamp finally came in today and I’m asking for cable recommendations for my T1.2, specifically a quality 4-pin XLR cable to compliment my source chain. My chain being PC → Soekris dac2541 → Violectric HPA V280 Final Edition → T1.2 Black Special Edition.

HalbyCables on etsy does customs and they’re amazing. The interconnect system he has now is outstanding and looks super nice. Tons of color options for the cables, different weave patterns, different color cerakoted interconnects and plugs. They’re gorgeous and look like they’ll last a lifetime. I’ve had the older style mini 4 pin xlr interconnect with different terminations for a while now and it’s holding up great. I have hart cables as well but the HalbyCables are definitely my favorite. Prices aren’t bad either.

you could also get Hart Audio Cables. Or Periapt Cables. Hart is the OG interconnect system. Periapt cables you could choke a horse with(thick cord, very durable)

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According to your profile you own a T1.2 as well, what cable do you use for your pair exactly?

Periapt cables lacks color options for me. Hart Audio Cables on the other hand, got me interested in their custom shop. Thanks for the recommendations.

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