400€ for Headphones & DAC/AMP - DT 880 600Ohm + FiiO K5pro?

Hello there,
i’m new to audio stuff and english is not my native language. Please excuse any misunderstandings.

i’ve around 400€ to spend. Is the combination of beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 600Ohm (159€)+ FiiO K5pro (159€) just fine?

Long story:

Since my DT 770 Pro has a loose contact, i wanted another pair of headphones. I was between the Sennheiser’s HD 6XX from Massdrop and the beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition (600Ohm). Sadly the HD 6XX is just available from the US (i’m in germany) and it takes months before they ship and some additional weeks before they arrive me. They would cost with taxes and all around 277€~ (336$~). The DT 880 will cost 159€ (193$~). Do you thing the HD 6XX are worth the 117€ (142$~) more? I like the fact that the DT 880 are almost complete exchangeable and since they’re located in germany - it’s an easy access point for me. But the worst part is - the cable is not detachable … The reason, why i even need to buy another headphones. I know i just could replace the cable or mod it (which i came to it later) but i can’t solder and i want to try something different also.

I need the headphones daily for atleast 12 hours/ day and use them for multimedia, movies, music and gaming. I’m just using them inddors on my PC. No matter which one i choose - i also need a DAC/ AMP. I read alot about the FiiO K5pro which cost also 159€ (193$~) but i read also lots of recommandations with a combo between Shiit Magni 3+ (183€/ 222$~, cheapest shipping, uninjured) and Topping D10 (100€/ 122$~).

FiiO K5pro or Magni 3+ & Topping D10? 193$ vs. 344$
Is it worth “almost” double the price compared to the K5pro? This would be obv. way over my budget but if it’s way better, maybe i can check if i’ve more to spend.

Of course i’m open for another recommendations.

To have a backup, i’m thinking about a cable mod for my DT 770 Pro.

I want to to do a cable mod with mini XLR. I’ve never done soldering and have no clue but i still want to give it a try.

My problem is: i don’t know if i need a 3 or 4 pin mini XLR. I can’t find any cable for the 4 pin in germany and i could only find a single 4 pin part what needs to go to the headphones (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07WWDCMH6) Sorry for the very weird description but i don’t even know how to explain it in german :sweat_smile:

I guess it would be better overall (and also cheaper) if i would go with 3.5mm but i don’t trust them cause the broke way to much in the past. And if it breaks i’ve to open the whole headphones again (+ possibly soldering) to fix it and thats the whole points why i want to to the mod.

Is a 4 pin necessary or can i go with 3 pin?

Is the Monoprice Liquid Spark amp and DAC available to you where you are? If you’re interested in the 880 600ohm, the Liquid Spark stack might be a good fit and stay closer to budget. It’d be a little more expensive than the K5Pro, but perhaps a little better match for the DT880. From my experience, I don’t think the 6XX is worth the premium you’d have to pay to import it vs the 880 (using personal experience with 58X and 880). Also, since the Liquid Spark is single ended only, you wouldn’t need to balance mod. However, if you’re wanting to just make it detachable, you should only need a 3 pin.

BasX A-100. ~12.5 W/channel @ 32 ohm…
Speaking from personal experience, it’s pretty fantastic.
Pair that with the DT880 600Ohm, and you have a top tier budget system.
Pick up a Schiit Modi 3 for your dac.

I also have one, and comparing it to my LakePeople G103-S, it is a bit “sloppy” for lack of a better term. Like freight train, the A-100 has the power, but takes too long to get going.
Unless you plan to run speakers too, look elsewhere.


Thanks for your answer.

Sadly it’s not; Same problem with import as the Shiit stuff.

I’m open for other recommandations besides the DT 880 600Ohm. They’re just the most common recommendet one, together with the Sennheiser HD 6XX. And since i’d my DT 770 Pro … I like beyerdynamic so far and i’ve talked about the benefits before :smiley: But other Sennheisers are also available.

And talking about budget. It’s hard for me to spend more money as the around 240€~ (if i take the DT 880) because of the money but also i never used an AMP which means, i don’t how how much it affects my experience und how much i’ll like it :sweat_smile:

I want to do the mod on my DT 770 anyway. Having them as a Backup or for some mobile-use (they’re 80 Ohms). I’m just still wondering about the pins. The most pictures i saw where 4 pin. Is there any reason for it? Or is it just more common outside from germany (or EU)? :joy:

They’re available here. Around 300€ (362$~). A bit over budget but if they’re worth the double price (compared to the Fiio) i would think about it. BBut the Shiit isn’t available here :confused:

Are you talking about something like a delay/ latency or does it “need to get warmth”? I’ve never used a AMP or DAC before and have nothing to compare :sweat_smile:

Yeah, something like that. If my G103-S is a glas window, the A-100 is more like an acrylic sheet. Not as clear and lacks refinement.

Totally agree. It’s not a finesse amp.

Are 2 pretty different headphone, the 880 is really analytical natural/bright the 650 romantic and neutral/warm. Personally for music enjoyment the 650 is a better headphone but the 880 is better in music production

You can get the Liquid Spark in some places. I know audiophonics carry them though they are a bit more expensive than I’d like at €159. Monoprice has an eu store that sometimes sells the Liquid Spark at MSRP, but it’s sold out like 99.9% of the time.

I have the DT-880 250 ohm Chrome Edition which I really like. I also have the HE400i 2020 which would also be in your price range. The HE400i is a bit more musical and laid back, while the DT-880 is more detailed and energetic. If I had to pick one I’d probably go with the HE400i because the DT-880 can get a bit fatiguing, even with the warmer Liquid Spark amplifier. However I use them both because I like some music better on the HE400i and some music better on the DT-880. The fatiguing is mostly with voices in YouTube videos and such, not that much when listening to music.
The DT-880 is semi-open though, so if sound leakage plays any part here the DT-880 gets a small plus on that front.

I modded my DT-880, with mixed success I must add, but I chose to get a 3.5mm jack instead. I chose the 3.5mm because it’s more easily available, cables are more easily available and my Liquid Spark isn’t balanced anyway. If you do end up going 3.5mm, send me a pm, there is a plug that is just way easier to work with than most and I wish I had known before I started.