4xx a tad bit sibilant but not fatiguing (After burn in NOT anymore)

Got the 4xx, only have had for a few days and they seem to be a bit sibilant but not fatiguing. However it definitely messes the smoothness of certain tracks. Keep in mind that not just for bright songs but even other tracks I thought would never have anything piercing. Are there any mods or something of the kind to fix that without eq?

What are you listening to? I’m interested because I need to test mine when they come in…

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ZMF lambskin pads, but that’s a fairly large expense given the price of the headphones and you can’t return ZMF pads if you don’t like the sound.
For a free mod, I would remove the thin foam behind the grill. It allows some of the treble to escape and makes them a bit wider. You can also buy more loosely woven foam/filters so you can still keep dust out.

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Hmmmm one is this one, on the second half of the song during female vocals. I was listening to them a bit earlier but not right now so I don’t remember another track besides that one. However when I listen to it again I’ll tell u which ones. If you play that one on the 58x for example there should be no sibilance on any vocal

Yeah that’s a little bit tuff, might look into them eventually if it dosent go away.

tell me your experience for sibilance in this one… something about his voice is very sibilant to me…i will say im starting to get used to it on the 58x though

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I mean, ZMF pads are worth it for comfort alone but if it’s your only headphone and you’re just buying them for a sound issue that burn-in will probably fix, it’s not worth it.

Hmmmm I wonder if it’s possible that the amp wasn’t warmed up enough? I started listening to some tunes again to test it out and not many songs seem to have sibilance at anymore. Of course some of the brighter tracks or bright instruments show some but it’s not that sibilant, just a little bright. Not piercing

OK I’ll test it with the 4xx then the 58x

Honestly not really on the 4xx. Maybe when he says “and I refuSe to let you go” it’s a tad bit sharp but not sibilant at all.

This might help


OK listening on the 58x,definitely NOT sibilant at all lol. Ur pair must need some burn in

was thinking of the same thing could tame the highs but hgas the pottential to mess with other things but usually worth the try

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I got my 58x used so I probably never had that issue with the 58x. And I refuSe to believe anyone to be treble sensitive enough to find the 58x sibilant haha

Good to know. I will say it has lessened through use. And the akg 371 I listened to in store (was a different muse song can’t remember which now) was WAAAAY worse…

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Yeah that one some people did consider sibilant a few times from what I heard. But you should be good for sure, maybe even consider leaving them running through the night. Some people actually do that. Personally I’m thinking I will try it out for the 4xx

I second the ZMF lambskin pads.

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Son of a preacher man sounds great on my set even at high volume… no detectable sibilance to my ears

Edit: Minute 2:55 led zeppelin gallows pole… I did hear some @anon54878099

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I’ve got ZMF Ori Perferated lambskin pads on their way for my 4XX. I’ll have to try it out.


One thing to note with ZMF pads, they’re thick puppies and that does reduce the detail a bit. It’ll come back over time as the pads wear in.