5.0 or 3.1 or 2.1 (Paradigm or Triangle or Klipsch 600M)

So, I have these options to start my project. It is not a huge room, and at end I will have a 5.1 setup. My wife doesn’t like the visual of huge speakers, but I think that she will like the results. Also, I would say that the usage will be 70% TV/Movies and 30% Music.

All of those setups will cost me around CAD$700.

My receiver: Yamaha RX-A760 (already have).

5.0 First option: 2x Paradigm Monitor Se 6000F + 2x Paradigm Monitor Se 1000B (Atom) + Paradigm Monitor Se 2000C.

3.1 Second: 2x Triangle Elara LN01 (Bookshelf), 1 Triangle Elara LN02 (center), $300/400 cad sub

2.1 Third: Klipsch RP600M + $300 SUB.

My room is about 12ft x 12ft x 9ft, and the listening position will be around 8ft away from the speakers. I didn’t listen in high volumes, however I know that my walls are pretty solid (5/8 Sheetrock + Plywood ).

I never had a chance to listen any of those speakers due COVID 19, so I really don’t know what to expect. But I saw plenty of reviews + Z youtube channel.

a lot of what you choose to go with depends on your use. music doesn’t benefit from surround sound, however if you will be using more for TV / Movie entertainment, than that’s the way to go. if your focus is music, then 2.1!

your room isn’t large either, so many bookshelf speakers will fill it with sound readily.

Just by the 5.1 system focus in mind.
I personally like if every speaker is from the same serial / model line. Sound signature will be the same, specially for L/C/R channels. If rear speakers have potential then the sub/subs can do only the very low notes and rear speakers can do magic as well.

Also for the Center channel, is do prefer 3-way always over 2-way.
So that the tw and mr are in center or coaxial and bass / drivers separate.
Possible off-axis performance is possible.

Usually the WAF is in major (dictator) role for many and also the how is the room layout and so on.
Since going to 5.1, take your time. Building it step by step ain’t bad. Choosing what ever speakers in the end.