5.1 music oriented setup

Hi guys. So I’m just starting out with the whole home theater topic and I feel like it’s pretty overwhelming with all the various stuff going on. That’s why I came here to ask for some knowledge from more experienced folks.

I’m planning on renovation of abandoned attic in my house, and I want to split it into rehearsal room for my band and home theater room, so probably not that much space for the latter.

The thing is, I want to experience true immersion of 5.1 music mixes. I came across some topics on the forum and I know your statement on 5.1 for music. I’m fully aware that there isn’t much 5.1 music, although I listen mostly to progressive rock and metal and there are already glorified Porcupine Tree surround mixes as well as Steven Wilson’s 5.1 remixes of King Crimson, Jethro Tull and more. I think the tendency for surround mixes might be growing in the future. Besides, it would be cool to also watch a movie or play a game on the same audio set from time to time.

My question is, are there particular aspects of speakers/subwoofers that define their value specifically for music listening? Or rather there are just good/bad surround speakers and the purpose doesn’t really matter? Maybe monitor studio speakers would be the best for listening to pure music? I’m probably going to start collecting the equipment with the front left and right, any sugestions on a specific <$300/pair models?
In case that matters, I listen to already mentioned rock and metal mostly, with beatiful quiet sections and contrasting raw riffy in-your-face heaviness.

5.1 for music is balls. better to spend on a higher quality 2.0 or 2.1 setup.


Ideally you could have 5 speakers/monitors that are identical / same.
Music would sound the same, no matter the direction.
Room effects for sure but it’s still better than all different sounding speakers.

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Thanks for the responses guys. I’m probably gonna start with some studio monitors for stereo and upgrade them in the future or expand with the same ones and a subwoofer for 5.1 some day. Thanks for pointing me in some direction!