5.1 vs 7.1 Surround sound

I have a very small room 10.8 x 9 x 7.8 I currently have a 5.1 set up in my room, I have extra speakers for 7.1 but I feel like the room would be super cluttered with side surrounds, my question is does 7.1 matter in a small room? or is it really only for larger rooms with multiple rows of seats?

I would say it’s not a room size question.
It’s more a would you like the surrounds sound to surround or move around you better.
Sound goes around you more smoothly. The speaker location should still be in optimal position, if the placement is wrong the effect’s do not work so good.
Timing and level’s will help of course but if positions can be optimal, end result is always better.

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My couch is right up against the back wall, I have it one foot all the wall trying to give it some space, so I put my surrounds in the corner’s of the room trying to get the 110 degree angle, also they are bi-pole speakers so they fire into the front of the room and a long the back wall, they make for a pretty large sound stage, I have a matching pair of bi-poles I’m not using, so I wonder if they are worth putting up on the sides, I’m I put my rears on the back wall they’d be super close to my head and I think i’d notice them too much.

True most likely they would be too close if moved to back. On the 110 angle rear setup usually works with 5.x systems.
Also distance between current back speakers and new ones on side might also be too close.
Don’t know well or ideally they would work. Even if they would be timed/moved by the amp to be more far away.
You can always test it, place em on something in sides and some cable.
Try how they feel. If the effect’s too mixed or blurred together, they do not work.

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Well, my room isn’t much bigger than yours and I have Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W at first I thought that it is too much for a room of such size, but now I’m more than satisfied with it and never regret buying it. It is perfect for everything music, concerts, films, etc.