5 items you can't live without?

Got this idea from GQ where they ask famous people to show 5 things that they can’t live without and why. I’m very curious as to what you guys might choose! And i would prefer if you only have ONE audio related item and the rest other stuff that you might just use all the time and fell in love because of that. HOWEVER if you feel like putting pure audio stuff that’s fine too!

1: A good pair of IEM’s, right now I am using just some BLON’s but when I get my IEM setup then that will be my top pick. I am including a DAP in this because it’s like a whole IEM system
2: A well fitting suit, everyone has to look sharp and if you can portray yourself in a good way in garners respect.
3: My passport, I love to travel and visit new places, the aim is too see as many different cultures and wonderful places in life before you can’t anymore
4: Friends: Everyone needs someone to speak to, someone to hang around with, someone who gets you, no one is an island.
5: Zippo, yes I am dirty but it’s very relaxing for me.

what about you @Jose_G?

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  1. Music
  2. Cats
  3. A nice car
  4. Desktop/Phone/TV
  5. Pizza and my home barbecue

My life would be much worse without any one of them and not worth living without all of them.

  1. DSLR (does the tripod count as a seperate thing?)
  2. My Computer
  3. Swiss Army Knife
  4. Wrist Watch
  5. Multimeter (preferably a good one)

Yes, I have a phone. It does phone things and nothing more.
A good watch and reliable friends are worth more than being constantly online.

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You really couldn’t live without a wrist watch? Do you not have a phone?

Pretty sure your phone has a clock in it.

the suit as a pick really surprised me lol, nice pick tho. And for me

  • Pouch i bought in Korea holding special stuff

  • sleep mask (to listen to music actually)

  • a necklace, just need something on my neck (weird habit i developed)

  • headphone case, to carry every single item i listed

  • headphone (currently the hawks (also including my xduoo plus since it’s needed for portability)


yeah, i never pegged you as a car person… even tho ur profile pic is a sweet looking car lol. don’t know how i missed that.

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ah a DLSR! that’s a nice pick! i don’t have one atm but that would probably make it to my list too.

lol, it’s different tho. specially since i’m sure he dosen’t want a shitty digital clock. gotta have them two clock hands spinning

Actually really into this thread, great idea @Jose_G!

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i guess u can thank GQ for that lol. and yeah, well like you i am into portables so the idea of having 5 things you love so much that you can’t live without is fun to me. just moving somewhere else but feeling comfortable since u still have those familiar 5 items

Exactly, I am very much a minimalist so this wasn’t that hard for me because I pretty much only own about 5 things aha. GQ is good, Mr Porter is similar and a nice website

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i feel like the word minimalist has been as tainted as the word audiophile lol. but i get where ur coming from. i don’t know if i would claim to be a minimalist, and def not one by choice (i go crazy if there is too much stuff haha)

I can’t say I am a minimalist and overall reject the concept of Minimalism from most aspects of my work (screenwriter, storyboard artist) and life, but I can see the allure

If I had to leave the house right now?
Computer and Drawing tablet (its how I feed myself, money wise)
My Leatherman
A notebook
A camp lighter

It’s kind of weird being certain about these five things, given how many movies I own lol

  • Loved ones (including friends)
  • My PC
  • IEMs
  • Football (European kind)
  • Notebook for work I guess, mostly a filler to get to five :stuck_out_tongue:
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oooooo what’s a leatherman and camp lighter??? i’m assuming a camp lighter is just a lighter?

hmmm well, i think i shoud have renamed the title to 5 things or items that you can’t live without. Iem, choose one lol

I get what you mean, I more focus on buying things I truly only use all the time, I don’t own anything I haven’t used in the past month for instance

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Leatherman’s a brand of multitool. Incredibly sturdy. Bought one for myself when I was doing gaffing work in film school.

Camp Lighter is just a long necked lighter, type you’d use to start a barbecue