$500-750CAD PC setup

I apologize for the wrong category, but this is the only place I can post??

I currently have Sennheiser HD 598 plugged into my on-board audio, but I’m considering a $500-750CAD Upgrade. I mostly game, and listen to music (mainly old school hip hop). I love the open back, but I’d like a little more bass, and something that compliments my old head taste more. Any suggestions? I’m quite new to this

Is this for headphones or speakers?

Sorry for not clarifying, headphones!

Gotcha. Well, a nice upgrade could be a fostex x00 purpleheart if you could find one used, great audiophile bass head can. The nighthawk carbon is also another great example, but is more spacious and less aggressive on the treble

Ughhhh, @M0N you gave me the same suggestion(s) - seems the best bass headphones are no longer being produced lol

Been seeing some great pricing on purple hearts recently in Canada as well on kijiji and Canuck audiomart

Yeah it’s unfortunate lol. Some other good bass options might be the 1more triple driver but they aren’t my fave in terms of comfort and kinda sound. The dt770 250 ohm can also be pretty bassy. I think some of the other options I would say are most likely out of the price range

What do you think of DT880? I suggested this combod with my request for a tv audio setup and someone suggested DT 880 600ohm with an amp/dac @M0N

So imo that is a great headphone but not a bass head can, it’s got nice bass but it isn’t that prominent nor is it really impactful, but it is tight and pleasant

Thank you! Since I’m new to this, will having headphones that produce nice bass affect anything when it comes to regular use/gaming?

Well, if you like bass it will improve your experiences for music listening and casual gaming, although too much bass for competitive gaming isn’t always desirable as it can mask some other noises if an explosion or low tone happens

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