560s 58x dt880 400i2020 help

So right now i have all these i got them for a good price used. The only ones i got new is the 560s. I do competative gaming and i watch alot of movies and listen to music, Are the 560s worth keeping? Or should i return them ? I prefer to get my 200 bucks back if they arent better than the other 3 i have. Out of these 4 which would be best for gaming and which of the others would be best for music and movies ?

I have a the apple dongle with schiit heresy amp. What ever ones are worth selling i need to know. I plan on keeping 2 out of the 4

Since you already have them why don’t you try them out and see which one you like for yourself?

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I have untrained ears i can barely tell a difference. So i wanna know which are considered the best. For each use case. I need to sell some now to get soem money back. i mainly just wanna kno if the 560s are better out of the other 3 for comp gaming. If so ill keep them if not i was going to sell.

If you can’t tell the difference, maybe it doesn’t matter?

These are all good headphones that are preferred by different people based on their preferences. The 58X has a darker, warmer sound, for example, the DT880 has a more trebly sound, and the 400i has the planer sound and more soundstage (from what I understand) but less punch and impact.The 560S is considered a neutral headphone with a reasonable soundstage and has the advantage that it can be run without a separate amp.

so out of the 560s and dt880 which would u think is better for comp fps games.

I donno man. You should probably just try them both for a while and keep whichever you like best. Reviews/other people’s opinions are always only second best to what your ears are telling you.