$600 - A90 +cheap dac or

Hi guys,

I’m looking to upgrade from my SMSL SD-793II. I currently have the AKG 712 and the Grado SR80e.

I was thinking of going with the Modius + Magnius stack before watching the Topping A90 review. So, what do you guys recommend up to the 600 price point?
The Modius + Magnius? The A90 + a DAC like the Sanskrit 10th (and is this a dumb idea)? The A50s + another DAC? Another thing entirely?

I thought of the 2 first options because I would have the option of using balanced in the future.

Would like to hear your thoughts

Hi! Welcome!

My k712 sounded really good with an Asgard3 and a Geshelli Enog2(now they have a Jnog) so thats what my advice would be. Should be around $450 ish new. The Asgard 3, and geshelli dac will set you up very well for upgrades in the future(headphones,amps,etc) Also had a geshelli Erish with this combo and felt my setup was very versatile for any headphone

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Modius+Magnius is a super solid setup. You could also opt for like a RNHP/Lake People G111 + Topping E30.

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Thank you guys. I’m gonna take a look at your suggestions

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I might be inclined to go with the Asgard 3 and modiud… I believe they would be a good pairing… I run the BF2 and Asgard 3 but that is a little beyond the budget… Oh so sweet combo though…Although it would only be single ended… stepping up from there might be the Monoprice Liquid platinum amp for balanced as it simply kicks ass!!

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People really do seem to love the Asgard 3. I don’t mind, at the time being, being SE only.