600 ohm Beyerdynamic on RebelAmp

Has anyone tried those high impedance cans on Rebel? I would like to try them but I’m not sure if Rebel can drive them.

Driving the beyerdynamic 880 600hms loud and clear on the rebel at high gain around 10-12 o´clock mark :+1:

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That last image is a little disturbing… :rofl:

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no, just don’t. So from the amps I tried just Base-X A100 and WA-6 SE on hi Z can do DT880 - 600 ohms. Rebel Amp not really and that is using Qutest, that has a very good and powerful output stage. It is not only the power it is also the output impedance, and DT880 600 ohm needs particularly hi output impedance.

Wait what? I have Rebelamp and I tried DT880 600, and 1st get T1, they sound great on it.
High impedance (impedance matching) mode is only a thing on transformer coupled tube amps, the point is to match impedance of headphone to secondary coil of output transformer so enough current can be induced in transformer during decay to get feedback to trigger and dump the driver.
High impedance mode on solid state doesn’t make any sense to me only thing it does is make everything sound warmer and muddier, I mean fair enough if that’s what you want but you can achieve the same thing by buying different (usually cheaper) gear.
I also tried emotiva A100 with DT880 600 they sound warmer, but muddier and with a lot worse bass control, sound stage was wider but imaging is a lot fuzzier compared to rebel

Emotiva A100 has it’s shortcomings normal for this price point, and I did not try the T1, but to make DT880 600 to sound good, the amp need particularly hi output impedance, and rebel amp just doesn’t have that. I mean on Emotiva I am using iFi IEM Match just to have 50% volume range. As in raw power, the amp clearly is overkill for DT880 600, but as I said, it is not the power, you need the output impedance to cut those annoying hi end frequencies.

DT880 are a bit sparkly but that’s the point, if you connect them to current amp (current amps have infinite output impedance) they just sound like hd598; some otl tube amps make them sound warmer but treble still hits, that has more to do with amp tonal signature rather than output impedance, but again that setup is gonna cost you around 1000eur and you can get different phones and ss amp that are gonna have the same signature for half the price