64 Audio or JH Audio ?!

I do have the Andromeda and the only issue I have with them is headroom as I sometimes like to listen to music pretty loud (I know it’s not good) and that is the only time I have a bit of issue with them.

So I went to CanJam London recently and the first day I tried JH Audio Lola and loved it even comparing to Roxanne but the second day I tried the Roxanne a bit more and I thought I liked them much more for some reasons and the I was offered to try the 64 Audio U18Tzar and oh boy I absolutely loved them but I didn’t get to try the U12t and now I’m so confused between them all that I have no idea what to do!!!

Any suggestions ?

Honestly I think the top tier 64 audio stuff outclasses the current JH stuff (for universal iems at least). The 64 audio stuff tends to focus more on technicalities, where the JH stuff has kinda focused more on a crafted sound, and imo, I just prefer the better accuracy of the 64 audio gear. Although I think both companies are only worthwhile to look into if you are considering their top tier stuff, because imo their lower range offerings are being beat by higher end chifi for a similar or lower price

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Have you considered top tier Fearless Audio stuff. Also the totl BGVP is supposed to be good as well, I think its in the 1200ish range. Too much for my blood but to each his own in that regard lol :slight_smile:

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The problem is I cant find anywhere that I can demo them so I have to go into it blind and I don’t really like that and they weren’t in CanJam or I couldn’t find them at least to have a listen to their stuff!

Thank you so much thats how I felt about them as well.

Another thing to consider is after sales support, so I would look and see if you can find people who have had experienced issues with their iems from both jh and 64, and see how they resolved them. It would kinda suck to make a big purchase like that and end up having poor customer service and support, especially because iems can be a pain to work with

The fearless stuff is really interesting, and definitely something to check out if you get the chance. Having heard the bgvp artmagic v12, I was very disappointed, because to me something was very off regarding the timbre. Otherwise it had some of the sonic qualities of a totl, but that issue really put me off. I also messed with the switches a bit and still thought it sounded kinda wonky, honestly a flaw I wouldn’t accept at this price range. But just to say I also didn’t like the dm6 or dm7, but I kinda enjoyed the dmg.

Right on, I think the most I’ll swing for an IEM would be 300 unless it’s a custom, and even then… I’m deff. sold on them though, I think I’ll just keep my 1990 for over ear and just have good audio handy for out and about stuff :smiley:

If you get a good universal it’s definitely worthwhile. I have no issues with the ones I own even if their universal. As long as you make sure it fits you well

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If you loved the 18t, you most likely not going to like the 12t as much (enough to offset the $1000 cost disparity I’m not sure). The 12t has a warmer midrange and more of a u shape sound signature, which plays very well for base oriented music like edm, as well as certain stylings of rock (found them great for metal also, but some find them to muddy). The 18t on the other hand is much more detailed and resolution focused, having a leaner more airy signature. Some say this makes them less muffled than the 12t, but others say they are way too clinical sounding. If that’s what you like out of an iem, then its the best candidate in 64’s lineup (irregardless of price of course).