64 Audio tia Trio

Hello all, I’ve had these for a few months now and wanted to finally give my impressions.

By now, I have three pairs of serious IEMs and out of all of them, this is the pair I reach for the most. This pair turned me into a 64a fan and would actually repurchase this at MSRP, if needed. One would argue that it is a lot of money to spend on an IEM, especially a product that is so small. I would counter that it is quite the feat to place so much engineering and testing in such a small monitor. This thing would rival the detail and soundstage of a lot of headphones.

In short, this IEM is the “Swiss Army Knife.” It just does everything. It has superb bass that is extremely clean and goes almost infinitely low. The tuning is very fun and will work with any type of music.

Lastly, the tech is where this thing excels. The pressure relief system made me into a believer. I can wear these all day without any issue (and I used to be someone that was quite sensitive to having something in my ears). They can also be powered quite easily and not very picky with source. This means I can plug these into my phone in a jam and still enjoy them.

Anyways, easily a recommendation that I would give others that is looking for endgame that just works well with everything. Feel free to ask any questions.


I’ve had the Tia Trio for a few weeks now and I agree with just about everything that is mentioned here. Really great all-arounder. Started with final e tips, now I’m on the stock foam tips for the last week and a half, mainly because the fit is much easier to achieve for me personally. I will eventually switch back to the final tips to see what I feel the differences are. Been enjoying these very much, and I’m actually kind of shocked I’m the first reply on this thread. Any more trio owners out there?


Love that you did impressions. I’ve heard plenty about them from when you owned them, but would love for your complete thoughts on them to be recorded. And therefore if you were to do a review of sorts it would be a fun read I’m sure!

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I only had them for a short moment due to some reasons, but Tia trio still has the best bass I’ve heard in my life. And honestly surpassed all gear I’ve had to date IMO in most things. Real addictive iem that I felt really embodied a very electric and engaging sound


The only knock on these is that they certainly don’t look flashy at all. Ultimately, I liked that about them because they became a really good EDC (wolf in sheep’s clothing). They are quite light too, but that added to the comfort.
I eventually moved up in IEM performance/tiers, but I would have been quite happy with these as my end game. They are ridiculously comfortable and do everything well. Plus, I could carry them everywhere.


Thanks for your impressions!

I saw from the ‘iem progression’ post that you also have or had the Hyla Sarda. And went up to the trio from there.

I have the Sarda and am blown away by it’s sound. That one made me realise that I love IEM’s more than anything. Plus portability is big for me as I travel lots.

That bass is so deep and clean to me, female vocals sound amazing (as well as males) , multiple genres are great…

Could you compare the 2 on some key points?

I’ll be in Bali for at least a year from end of this year on and I’m thinking of adding one more higher end pair to my Sarda to take with…


Sarda is a wonderful IEM and it was the first one that made me realize what IEMs can do. It had detail and bass that can compete with and surpass some headphones. The bonus is that they are portable. Of course, they cannot throw the same stage as a headphone, but the portability is a nice bonus.

Ultimately, I sold my Sarda because there was overlap after I bought the tia Trio. Both served as my fun modern music with superb bass. Sarda did the bass better, but Trio was almost as good and better all-rounder. I kept the Trio because of that.

I would recommend looking for a specialist. One that has better staging and imaging. If you like acoustic music, I would find one with great timbre. During that time, I ended up with tia Trio + Jomo Trinity Brass.

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Thanks much man!

You moved up to what?

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I upgraded to a tia fourte noir and now, my only pair is rhapsodio infinity mk2

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Wow! Congratulations on your truly endgame iems! I just got my first pair of iems today

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Congrats! What did you end up getting?

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I ended up getting a Fiio FD5 :joy:

Cool. How’d you end up liking them? Any favorite aspects?

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I’d love to hear those some day!

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The right driver failed and I am just seeing if I can return it…

Shoot, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve given up on chifi long ago due to lack of qc and creativity. I hope you have a better experience on your next pair. Let me know if you need any impressions on my end.

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Has anyone compared the U12t vs. Tia Trio vs. Fourte Noir?

The U12T seems to get most of the attention from reviewers for near perfect turning while the Trio is supposed to have class leading bass. The fourte was mostly disregarded for the performance / cost but I haven’t seen much about the Noir.

Used prices seem to be ~1250 U12T, ~1400 Tia Trio, ~2000 Fourte Noir

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I don’t have any experience with u12t, but both @Towa and I can provide impressions and feedback on trio vs noir if you have any specific questions. I hope I can help!

I’m somewhat of a soundstage junky since I game with IEM’s, it’s the favorite aspect of my FD5 and I’m extremely happy with them especially for what I paid but alas one is always dreaming about the next upgrade. How would you describe the soundstage and imaging of the Trio? It’s kind of a toss-up between the MEST OG/MKII or the Tia Trio. Or perhaps there’s another IEM you’ve heard that soundstages even better. Thanks!