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  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes

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This is just a hypothetical question for anyone looking into the summit of IEMs, and these appear to be the two most popular right now. Both are described as having a very similar sound signature, but the Monarch MkIII is half the price of the U12T when looking at MSRP, although the U12T can be found for well under MSRP if you’re patient.

If anyone has experience with both IEMs (even including the OG Monarch), would you chime in on the differences between the two?

There is an IEM called Mele. It is better than Mon MK3 and U12T. In fact, I don’t know why people pay so much money, since there are IEMs like Olina SE, Mele, Simgot models, Kinera budget… :grinning:


for better details,resolution,separation,imaging,clarity,staging

You need to stop trolling before they perma-ban you. People will give you genuine advice on here if you ask for it, but you’re really just on the wind up I think.

I’ve spent time trying to help you, but you just keep reverting to spamming the same questions.

Also, I know you’ve just copied and pasted that question from Reddit that was asked/posted by someone else:

They’re not similar at all.