6xx or 880 for vocals

So I have the 58x and the l30+e30 combo for now and I would like to upgrade my headphones. For now I’m looking at the 6xx and the 880 600ohm, so which would be the better choice for vocals?

I know it’s a bigger number, but I’m not sure 6xx is going to be enough difference from 58x to call it a significant upgrade. Having both, it’s hard to argue with vocals on the Sennheisers. Is there a particular quality to the sound of your current setup that you want to improve? What don’t you like?

I own both, both sound great. I find that I only really like the 6XX on the amps that tend to be more mid focused like the Cavalli liquid series, and people say the best pairing is with a tube.

The 880 I like on all my amps.

To your point, I think if you want a more in your head intimate (on the stage) vocal the 6XX are hard to beat, if you want a more front row center sound the 880.

DT880 are more comfortable to me and I think are more versatile as far as amps go… IMO

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