(800$CAD Budget) Need advice on the right headphone/DAC for me

It took me a while to realize that I might be a casual competitive gamer. i wanna be immersed more than competitive as I play fps kinda casually. I would like competitive headphones but i also wanna be immersed in music or a single-player videogame. And in my price range there are just so many options that my brain just can’t comprehend all the information. so im looking for the enthusiasts and the proffesional audiophiles out there to see whats the best bang for my buck for my price range.

Im Currently using a M50x for 5 years now . and as cool as they are i think open back is my go too for my new headphones .

Competitive games i play
-Valorant -Call of duty Modern Warfare
-League of legends -Apex Legends
Non Competitive games i play
-World of Warcraft

Music i listen to.

  • Heavy Metal, Rap mostly in those subcategories.


These games i play sometimes competitively but if i had to choose between pure competitive and immersive id choose immersive.

My current ideas for Headphones/DAC combo

So if these arent good for my situation then please let me know , thank you in advance for all your help!

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Never tried a K712Pro, but I did listen to the HD6XX. Sennheiser headphones are known for being open, when you say immersive, do you mean large soundstage?

thanks for the reply! i would like a ‘far out’ in many directions soundstage and one that also has good imaging.

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I’d say look no further than the HD600 line (this includes the mentioned HD650).

Make sure you power them properly!

when you say power them do you mean DAC? and if so what would you recomend . would any of the ones i suggested above do it justice?

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I mean the amp. I’m not sure what the situation is with the HD650, but the HD6XX are power hungry. If not powered properly, you will not be getting the most out of the headphones.

@Selexoree I would honestly get the 58x from drop b4 getting the 650… easier to drive and same fit and comfort and cheaper and sound better for shooters and I’d also look at getting a schitt stack or something instead for amp dac for even if u wanted a combo go with the HEL