A 64 audio shoot out

Now I respect Precog but how on earth can you do a review of 5 high end IEM’s and only use “audiophile” terms to describe each set…where is the sound checks?..transients, technicalities, harmonic extensions etc mean nothing without the MUSIC?

I read his written review and didn’t really have any major qualms with the reviewing style (don’t necessarily agree with some of the findings/conclusions but he covered things decently well in breif imo). He did have a test track list at the bottom of the written review. Not sure what you mean about not having music, it’s not like this is an asr “review” or something, the guy clearly had to listen to music to get these results

Yeah read the review too and and saw the minimal test track list…it came over as a very robotic review with no music/synergy or emotional input that I could relate to, just a load of audiophile proses :man_shrugging:t2:

It read like one big comparison, I would agree not mentioning synergy was something missed out, and it was lacking some emotion (didn’t bother me, and for some that would be a benefit)

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I actually steer away from in-depth breakdowns of specific tracks when I’m reading reviews because, at least for me, I don’t often listen to that type of music! It can require a lot of reading between the lines; you see there’s something of an ironic dichotomy there. I’d rather not beat around the bush - I’m here tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I appreciate you taking the time to check out the review nonetheless!


Hey welcome to HFGF buddy :smiley:…I have to say that was quite some undertaking comparing all those 64 sets, something that would be way over my head but I’m sure I’d enjoy the listening bit though lol.
It was funny as your written review was something I could follow and understand your appraisal :+1:…it’s a fine line with video reviews, they need not to be too long and drawn out other wise they become some what of a slog for the viewer, but on the flip side too much info in too short a time becomes a bit of an info blur.
Anyways like many of us I enjoy your reviews and the time you put into them and I look forward to many more :beers:

PS… I’m all about the music so forgive me if sometimes the technical stuff gets lost on me :grin:

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I do really like it when you casually mention certain songs and how certain notes hit. Those mentions were like one time stamp and not many different parts of the song which I prefer. It’s not in-depth, but it’s a quick mention that helps a lot. You have relatively similar music tastes to mine compared to other reviewers so to me it is really helpful to have those small mentions from you.


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It’s all good man. What I might try and do is incorporate more music talk into the impressions videos, and then stick to the fundamentals more closely with some brief mentions of tracks in the full reviews like @McLovin mentioned. As always, I appreciate any feedback, positive or constructive!


hey man!

Personally, I dont mind when review videos are long IF they give timestamps to go where you want to go. So feel free to take all the time you need. :+1:

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