A beginner's guide to DACs (nice video)

Nice video, a little history of DACs in all their forms (from the 90s to today), and if/why you would want one.
Good video to send to newbies… or people who don’t understand you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, yes, apparently this exists… a 16-pounds, 2700$ streamer. JUST a streamer. Without an AMP. Without a DAC. Whaaaaaaaaa :skull:


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Except for the missing DAC, that is in line with the price Dante interfaces with AES and Toslink (ADAT) cost.
DiGiGrid IOC
Focusrite Rednet A8R

I was wondering if I should switch to a setup like that, as right now I am only using a 2 channel setup with my gear (although I think it would be a drop in quality but a gain in features). I’m just keepin it simple with a good ole adc and dac

Another one: “How much do DACs matter”. :slight_smile: