A Cheap Magnepan

Magnepan LRS $650…


Steve liked them too

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Steve likes everything. God bless his soul…


Can’t go wrong with Maggies. And for $650 they’re a killer deal. Just make sure you have a minimum of 3 feet space behind them.

If I had space I would buy them in a heartbeat. Maybe I could live without a bed… hmmm. That would free up some space :sunglasses:


Beds are overrated. Burn it and get the Maggies lol

These are excellent speakers but picky as shit for the price range. They love to be in the middle of the room, and really want high end electronics to bring out their best imo, but if you provide that these offer excellent value imo

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These looked good until dms started talking about how picky and power needy they are. i feel that to support them correctly the investment goes elsewhere. Which may be fine but then the smaller price is less of a benefit. At least to the perspective of someone who wouldnt have a ton of gear all ready at hand for it.

That’s really the gotcha of these, I really can’t say I enjoyed them on some of the more budget amps I have tried on them, but they were pretty excellent on some of the higher end ones (much more than the speakers themselves), and it’s not really power these need, just quality amplification, so not really an easy way to skimp on the amp

I guess if youre trying to try a ribbon/planar or want to add one to an established arsenal then bam, you jave something here. i dont know if ill ever get into speakers like some but a nice set in this price range intrigues me. Hidden costs quickly kill it.

For how good these sound honestly I wouldn’t call spending a few grand on a nice used higher end amp unreasonable for these imo, it’s just I wouldn’t really call it a budget speaker anymore since it’s hard to really group it in with other options in this range (since those other options are nowhere near as needy)

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Power for these guys is pretty simple: if amp’s power doubles from 8 to 4 ohms, you have the current needed. You can get a used PS Audio S300 for ~$800. A new Vidar is $700. An Odyssey Khartago Stereo is $995 new. You can also look at Parasound and a lot of people use Emotiva (not my favorite). There are other options under a grand if you plan on going this route.

Pretty solid picks, you can also find some nicer parasound halos and and adcoms as well which are good pairings. Hafler and bryston too

But please don’t get like crown amps with these, sounds pretty bad lol

Edit: you beat me to it lol


I second that.

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I’m also considering getting a set of Magnepans. Does anyone know if the other models are this amp picky? I’ve only heard these talks about the LRS since they are so cheap.

I would say so yes, generally they are picky speakers overall, and from the models I have heard they are just as picky if not more (depending on the model again)

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All the models require lots of current to get going.

if you get the maggies get something like this:


I have the LRS and paired it with the Hegel H160 (bought used).


what would be a good tube integrated amp for these?

Hmmm what price range? Personally I don’t know if I would recommend most of the entry to midrange tube integrated for them tbh, they kinda do better with solid state under the 2k range I feel amp wise. If you wanted something with a bit more tube sound, I would personally go solid state power amp with a tube preamp in this case

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