A guitar and amps reviewer with binaural audio recordings!

Well, wow. One of my favorite reviewers now has a “3DO” (or whatever) “head” for binaural recording. So you really hear the amp/cabs as if you where in the room.

That’s just a quick video, but I’m really interested by the future ones now. :open_mouth:

(@ 27m35) :

And… yup, that was probably the only one way to review this “amp-headphone” (not headphone amp! :smiley: )

Oops: It’s a “3DIO”. :slight_smile:

Hmm, you could get a nice pair of stereo matched mics for that price of a 3dio… Something which I bet would outperform it lol. Nonetheless it is neat to see reviews like this, prob pretty helpful

Definitely! Especially to demo headphones with head tracking lol, look (uh, listen) @ 11:15 (second video)… that’s impressive.

Damn, I thought you said 3 Dio’s. That would indeed rock my face off. :laughing: Holy Diver indeed!

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