A List of All Headphone Connectors

Help me curate a list of all headphone-end connectors on the market. Did I miss anything?

Full-Sized Headphones:

2.5mm (Mono) [e.g. ABYSS Diana, SIVGA headphones]
3.5mm (Stereo) [industry standard]
3.5mm (Mono) [e.g. Meze Audio 99 series, Liric]
Mini XLR (3-pin) [e.g. Abyss 1266, Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest]
Mini XLR (4-pin) [e.g. Audeze LCD series, ZMF headphones, Kennerton planar models]
MMCX [e.g. iBasso SR1, Ultrasone Edition 5 Unlimited, 8 Julia/Romeo/Carbon, M)
2-prong [e.g. Sennheiser HD600, Fostex TH-909]
2-pin [e.g. Ultrasone Edition 11]
SMC [Old HiFiMan models]
LEMO (FGG.0B.302.KLAD52Z) [Focal Utopia]
LEMO (FGG.00.302.CLAD35) [Ultrasone Edition 8EX, 15, Jubilee 25]
LEMO (FGG.00.303.CLAD35) [AKG K812, K872]
LEMO (?) [Warwick Acoustics]
LEMO (?) [Cleer NEXT]
ODU (AXCLOC-PO2BCCO-0001) [Sennheiser HD800, Campfire Audio Cascade]
Hirose (HR10A-7P-4PC(73)) [Dan Clark/MrSpeakers headphones)
A2DC [Audio Technica headphones]
? [ENIGMAcoustics Dharma1000)


2-pin (industry standard)
MMCX (industry standard)
JH Audio (4-pin)
JH Audio (7-pin)
Estron (T2) [Ultimate Ears, Westone Audio, Etymotic & more IEMs]
Pentaconn EAR [Acoustune, Spear Labs]
A2DC [Audio Technica IEMs]
EXK [Sony MDR-EX1000]

I know there are a lot of variations (housing or modified connectors), but I think including all of those just complicates things as though it’s impossible to find the original manufacturer and/or there is no special name for that particular connector. For headphones there are several 2.5mm/3.5mm variations, while for IEMs there are several MMCX variations.