A new thing from HAC

Hey guys, I just added a “Boutique” section to HartAudioCables.com. It’s basically a section of the shop for us to sell some of the one-offs that get left over from custom runs we build. Anything listed there is in low quantity or only a quantity of 1 available, and is ready to ship (will go out the next business day). I’ll be adding to the section every couple of days probably, so it’s a nice thing to check if you’re looking to get something from us quick.

Anyway, thought I’d let you guys here on HFG know about it first since this is pretty much home base for me when it comes to Audio stuff.

Hope it’s not too much of a problem for me to post something like this. Hoping to be posting a big update on here in the near future as well. Thanks


I don’t see anything called boutique on your site, Brux. :frowning:

Hmm I feel like I could have chosen a better way to point to it lol


Maybe if you underscored the buttons up top?
Not sure how that would look, but it may help with visibility

I DO like the option of buying the hard shell case on it’s own

Good stuff! I think I now have an HAC cable for every set of detachable cable headphones I own, except the LCD-2 I just got last week. If I hadn’t just gotten my DUM Hart cables, that’d be in my cart. The purple Senn cable, though, might be nice for when I give my 58x to my daughter soon.


Added another batch of items today:


Mr. Speakers

Right angle 3.5mm for Balanced Argons

Dual 3.5mm cable with long connectors


Always like to give HFG first dibs. Added another four items to the boutique:

Custom Color Multi-kit w/case:

Custom Color 3" 4-pin XLR interconnect:

Custom Color 4.5 ft HC-9 balanced headphone cable:

Custom Color 4 ft 4-pin XLR interconnect:


Looking good!

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You get your new stuff yet?

The new cables showed up at my school, but since they’ve indefinately extended the timeline for when we’re going back (It was last set for Monday), I’m having everything I sent up there transfered down here to Texas. The case I ordered hasn’t shipped yet. At lest I haven’t gotten a tracking number or notification for it.

Ohh it’s all together! I didn’t want to bombard you with notifications. It should all be there. Plus an extra thing!

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I will let you know when it gets here then! All the more to look forward to!

Got it! Love the look of both of them. Could I make the suggestion of finding an epoxy of some kind to fill the hole on the matte hardware split?


Hey, @brux, have you started doing 2-pin cables for IEMs?


We can do them through the custom shop! I have a stash of angled 2-pin iem connectors and straight 2-pin connectors that we can use for custom stuff. I want to add them to the site for people to be able to purchase easily, but just haven’t had a chance to launch it yet / not sure if I want to try something new when we launch that stuff.


Good to know. May be picking up more cables in the near future.

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Has anyone used hart audio cables for an iem?

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Yeah. You looking for 2-pin or mmcx?

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Only a 2 pin