A rookie Bluetooth headphone Question

Hi. I should know this, but can’t seem to complete my mission. First off, I have every kind (not brands/model #’s) of headphone. Nice earbuds, nice over the ear phones, wireless and wired…. My most likely silly question is as follows: I’ve been watching my favorite bands webcasts (usually streaming through their Facebook pages. I have a nice Samsung & Sony smart tvs. Both have their own soundbars. So I stream the concert onto one of the TV’s and listen through soundbar. Lately the concerts have run pretty late and stop me from listening at my preferred volume as their is a quiet time rule at my complex. So what I’m trying to do is still stream to TV’s, but listen through my phones or buds. I’m sure it’s a simple solution that didn’t require a mini-novel to ask. (Sorry). Thanks a ton!!

I used to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Samsung TV. There should be an option to connect Bluetooth Audio or Bluetooth devices in general. If it is under Bluetooth Audio Devices then it should be an option within audio settings to pair a new device. Just make sure you don’t have to activate pairing mode manually on your headphones prior to searching for devices on the TV.

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your question is interesting and makes me wonder how ‘audiophile’ Sennheisers RF TV sets are / can be.

that said, there are 5 I can think of to consdier.

  1. Grado GW100 v2 - note, these are open back, but will still be hella quieter than TV audio. V2 has Bt5.0.
    Grado Labs - GW100
  2. Audeze Penrose - closed back planar
    Penrose Wireless Planar Magnetic Headset
  3. Audeze Mobius - closed back planar
    Audeze Mobius Headphones | Video Game Headphones | Audeze
  4. Ananda-BT - no pass-though which will limit their use. see if that’s an issue for your use case.
    Headphones & portable audio - HIFIMAN.com
  5. DEVA
    Headphones & portable audio - HIFIMAN.com

Other option would be use the optical out of the TV to a DAC and use the other gear you have :stuck_out_tongue:

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You could get a bt DAC like a D50 and run a stack next to your seating position or ifi goblu/Gryphon, fiio BTR series, and any other portable DAC/amp for a solution.