A small space gaming house

Now that is cool…


yeah…a lil outside sound room makes sense…though I would likely approach it from the aspect of repurposing a shipping container…or two. then it would be an easy DiY proposition and likely way more affordable.

too bad I rent… :frowning:

though…there is a big spot beside the place that I could theoretically drop one and do this and just run an extension cord to it. hmmm… :thinking:

It mostly comes down to local building regs and laws…you ain’t gonna do that in the UK with going through planning permission.

well, being it’s just a shed, there are no rules / bylaws I need to worry about here. my SiL looked into that as him and a buddy have been converting one of those car garage covering things into a workshop. lifted it, put in a raised wood floor…now they’re working on building up the sides and when they’re ready, remove the cover and add the roof. my idea is waaay less complicated, LoL!

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I wanted to build a second floor on my garage and use it as a production/post studio


My entire basement is a jank studio at this point (looks like one of those padded soft mental rooms or whatever lol), but that will be moving once things start moving on the building lol

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Yeah. I have multiple rooms I want to redo in my house that are super janky as well. But renovations for them are a few years out still

that would be to the new padded room that’s got even better security so you can’t escape or get out as often as you do now? :wink:

I would be concerned of the garage turning into some soft of muffled echo chamber…unless the floor and walls are cement, then you’d be properly isolated. my bother took his life 6 years ago…nobody heard the shotgun and he was there for days before his room mate (an oil worker so cycled on the patch and at home) found him. sorry for the macabre…just qualifying my statement. no need for condolences. it was a long time ago…I’m coping with his loss the best I can. thanks if doing that came to mind though. :slight_smile:

edit - I realize I didn’t quantify my macbre example quite right. in Alberta, they have apartments that are a giant frame that slot in concrete apartment units. so the apartment he was in was solid concrete on all 6 sides but for the doors / windows, which acted as a silencer.

That sucks dude. I’m sorry

the garage in question would have a concrete car park section. The second floor studio would be traditionally made from wood and brick though

yeh…I’d be worried about being properly isolated. likely not an issue for headphones, but stereo mebe…