A subwoofer power cable that's good enough?

5-15P to C13 NEMA/IEC320 Power Cord, 14 AWG SJT, NACC, White, TAA Compliant - Made in USA - www.americancableassemblies.com

anyone think this is any good? has to be white and good enough for a rythmik getting signal from a real dac.

tried to find something with OFC but it’s hard at first glance.

That cable is rated at 15A. Assuming you’re running 110V, that means it’ll handle up to 1,650 Watts. That’s probably way more than your sub’s amp. :slight_smile:

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Umm… With a power cable? :thinking:

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no lolol, just stating that the cable needs to be pretty good because the sub will actually sound GOOD

4x more, although i want really good power flow.

that should work fine. although whats your budget? plenty of custom cable shops out there. also you could make your own. power cables are easy to make.

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Power cables are two parts:

  • A conductor (or well like multiple)
  • Isolation

The conductor conducts electricity. There’s no good way or bad way to do it. There is however a limit to how much you can safely transport. As @EvilGnome6 said. 15A on a 110V power grid means it should be able to transport up to 1650W without self-igniting :wink:

Isolation is usually the part we care about in audio. Not only should it do the basics preventing the wires of touching each other or other stuff (what we expect a toastercable to do). It should also keep out interference, so that out regular sine-wave of 50 or 60 hz (EU or NA) doesn’t show any irregularities. Though if your amp has a good power-stage… You shouldn’t have to worry about that.


15A is really good power flow. More than that would probably trip your breaker (most breakers are 15A - 20A and those 20A breakers are usually for the kitchen).